Trump claims early victory on election night and suggests voter fraud

Photo of President Donald Trump courtesy of Wikimedia.

Grace Dipierro 
News Staff Writer

Election Day in the United States has sparked excitement and anxiety across the country. While there is no clear winner yet, there has been plenty of drama surrounding the election, including claims of voter fraud and early victory. 

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been active on their social media since Election Day began. Both encouraged voters to go to the polls before they closed yesterday evening. 

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been tracking President Trump’s activity on their platforms. They have flagged some of the president’s tweets as disputed information that may contain misinformation about the election.  

At 12:45 a.m., President Trump tweeted that he would be making a statement about the election.  

Around 2:30 a.m. Nov. 4, President Trump retweeted a video from his team where he talked about the states that he was winning at the time. 

Trump acknowledged that the vote counts were not official yet, but he did note that most states had well over the majority of votes counted. 

Toward the end of the video, Trump said that there were many votes coming in for him, putting him in the lead in some places, when “all of the sudden everything just stopped.” 

Trump continued that this was a “fraud to the American public” and an “embarrassment to our country.” 

This is when Trump claimed an unofficial victory, saying “We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.”

This claim was unwarranted because there were still millions of ballots that had not yet been counted. 

Biden responded to this claim by saying that it was neither Biden’s nor Trump’s place to prematurely declare a winner of the election. Biden opted to leave it up to the voters as ballots were still being counted. 

Trump continued, saying that his goal was to make sure that the election had integrity. To do this, Trump proposed that the law be used in the “proper manner,” which is why he wanted to go to the Supreme Court. 

Trump then called for people to stop counting ballots, saying “We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 in the morning and add that to the list. This is a very sad moment. We will win this, and as far as I’m concerned we already have.”

President Trump tweeted that he was leading in many key states that were run by Democrats. He claimed that the lead he had in these states started to get smaller as “surprise ballot dumps” were counted. 

Trump claimed that this was very strange, alluding to the claim that Democrats were faking votes for Biden. Twitter labeled this tweet as possible misinformation. 

Trump further tweeted that incoming ballot dumps seemed to be favoring Biden in ways that were “devastating in their percentage and power of destruction,” citing this as further indications of voter fraud.

The voter fraud claims remain unconfirmed as of now. 

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