From The Land Of Smiles: Farewell And Jai Yen


Catherine Sheehan
Staff Writer

Hey Flyers! Welcome back to From the Land of Smiles. As my semester here is quickly coming to an end, I’d love to share a few final thoughts. 

After leaving home, flying across the world and living in the “exotic paradise” for five months, I’ve learned to appreciate every moment. If you don’t pay attention to what’s going on around you, you might just miss it.

A perfect example of this happened the morning I got back from spring break. I was walking to class and looking at my phone when this purple flower fell right on my screen. I immediately started smiling and looked at the ground to notice I was walking through a patch of four leaf clovers! 

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It was a reminder of not just how beautiful Thailand is but how important it is to be present. If that flower hadn’t fallen on my phone, I wouldn’t have noticed the four leaf clovers all around me. 

While I still can’t wrap my head around five months feeling like five minutes, I’ve accepted that time flies by. If we’re in the moment, it’s more than enough.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing my thoughts this semester as much as I’ve loved sharing them. Thanks for listening and make sure to Jai Yen a lot this summer!! 

Photos courtesy of Catherine Sheehan.