Congressional Candidate Theresa Gasper Is Ready To Make A Change

Emma Kapp
Staff Writer

Gasper, a Dayton native, is running against Mike Turner to represent Ohio’s 10th District. She stopped by campus on Monday to talk about her vision and past experiences.

“I’m tired of seeing people working hard and having nothing to show for it,” Gasper shared. “I care too much to stand by and not get involved.”

While there are a plethora of issues Gasper will have to address if elected, one of particular interest to the district is the opioid crisis.

“We need to hold big pharmaceutical companies accountable for the mess they have created,” she shared.

Another issue Gasper feels strongly about is the student loan debt crisis. She feels that, because of the country’s consumerist society, students are being weighed down by debt and can’t fully participate in the economy.

“If employers are going to require a college degree, public education should be expanded,” she said.

To Gasper, both the opioid and student loan debt crises fall under the larger issue of income inequality. Narrowing gaps in income would help provide a more long-term solution to both crises, according to her. She would even go so far as to create a new committee in the House of Representatives to address income inequality.

“That would be the dream,” Gasper said. “However, I would also like to serve on the Armed Services or Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.”

While Gasper may appear to be focused mainly on business, she also has a soft spot for all things UD Flyers. She usually makes cookies for the basketball team and enjoys watching the games.

“I’m really excited to see Trey Landers play this season,” she said. “It’s been fun to see his progression so far.”

Election Day in November 6th. To learn more about Gasper, visit

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