Bill Maher Uses Racial Epithet During HBO Show

By: Roberto De La Rosa-Finch – Online Editor

Late-night comedian and HBO host Bill Maher received backlash for using a racial epithet in an interview Friday night, the New York Times reported.

During his program, “Real Time”, Maher interviewed Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska.

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The topic of maturity and how adults in California continue to dress up for Halloween arose.

Sen. Sasse said this did not happen in his state and Maher replied, “I’ve got to get to Nebraska more.”

Sen. Sasse would continue, “You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

To which Maher said, “Work in the fields? Senator I’m a house n-gger. No, it’s a joke.”


The slur was not bleeped out when the episode re-aired at midnight.

Several took to Twitter to react:




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Sen. Sasse regrets his lack of vocal response and posted on his Twitter account Saturday:


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