After Issue 1 passes, Ohio Republicans propose plan to block courts from enacting new laws

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Kaster for AP News.

Lucy Waskiewicz | News Editor

On Nov. 9, state representatives released a press release, signed by twenty-seven Republican House members, stating that Issue 1 “doesn’t repeal a single Ohio law” and that it was funded by “foreign billionaires.”

“Foreign billionaires don’t get to make Ohio laws,” the statement said. “This is foreign election interference, and it will not stand.”

It also said Ohio legislators will consider removing the state judiciary’s power to make laws like Issue 1 take effect. Instead, the Ohio legislature will consider law changes based on “public hearings and input from legal experts on both sides.”

“No amendment can overturn the God-given rights with which we were born,” Representative Beth Lear said.

The press release has drawn criticism from Democrats and abortion activists, many of whom have referenced the GOP’s many attempts to hinder Issue 1, including the August attempt to raise the voter threshold needed to pass amendments and the “deceptive” and “misleading” Republican-authored ballot summary of Issue 1.

The abortion amendment won’t take effect in Ohio until Dec. 7. Each abortion restriction must be individually brought before the state court and repealed.

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