UD Speaker Series: Post Secret founder Frank Warren

By: Cari Zahn – A&E Editor

“I feel guilty when I take elevators for one floor, so I limp when I get out.”

This is just one secret among the many shared on Thursday when Post Secret founder Frank Warren kicked off this year’s Speaker Series with his talk, “The Power of Secrets: Inspiring Conversation.”

Some would call Warren the “most trusted man in America” after receiving secrets in the mail from strangers since 2005.

Warren shared his inspiring message with the people crowded inside the Kennedy Union ballroom, while some patient listeners stood outside the doors of the completely full venue. He shared several of his own secrets while encouraging others that it’s okay to do the same.

With a stress that last week was Suicide Prevention week, Warren explained that the most popular secrets he gets to have something to do with the idea that so many of us are on the journey to finding someone whom they can be their safe, whole, and true selves around. While we may feel alone due to a lack of that in our lives, we are never alone in wanting to feel that security.

Warren reiterated, with many examples, that while sometimes we think we have a secret to keep, those secrets are actually keeping us. The incredible amount of people that will think about suicide, especially on a college campus, may be dealing with this issue, and it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact.

Sometimes all it takes is a “Hey, how are you doing?” to get people to realize they are cared about. According to Warren, many people have written to him saying that this small action was all it took to keep them alive. He spoke of how this is something we should be practicing all of the time.

Unfortunately for those who weren’t there, most of the Post Secret presentation was just that — a secret. Stories were shared, tears were shed, and courageous students spilled their hearts in front of the entire crowd. This event taught the students at UD that secrets don’t divide us and when we share them, they can actually bring us much closer.

If you are ever in need of emotional support, call UD’s counseling center at (937) 229-3141.

Photo Courtesy of UD Series Facebook Page

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