UNiDAYS: A College Students Best Tool for Treating Themselves

By: Ryan Wray – Staff Writer

College students are no strangers to deal hunting. We pretty much do it every day at school as a means of acquiring essentials. I can’t count the number of times I have woken up in the morning, noticed an email about an event catering free food, and then decided that was going to be my dinner. Not to mention all those instances where I managed to use online couponing to cut that $100+ order on overalls and over-priced t-shirts from Urban Outfitters to nearly half that. College students love a good deal, and companies are starting to notice.

Catered to the young adult, mobile app UNiDAYS partners with some of the most appealing brands to offer discounts on a variety of different products and services. The best part? It’s all things you already buy or use.

For example, students on campus have most likely already used UNiDAYS without even realizing it. Popular music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music offer a special 50% discount to their university attending subscribers; and take a wild guess as to who hosts both those deals? That’s right you guys, it’s UNiDAYS.

The offerings cover just about every need a student could possibly have, from popular retailers like Forever 21 and Levi’s for apparel, Microsoft and Apple for computing and gaming, and Moleskin for your organizational needs. There are a variety of options for any given student.

Apart from the more well-known brands, UNiDAYS also curates deals from smaller, lesser known stores that sometimes happen to offer better deals. I recall finding one glorious 50% off coupon for Boohoo.com amidst the sea of 15% and 20% off deals from more distinguished brands.

The main takeaway from UNiDAYS as a whole is that it provides a much-needed opportunity for students to treat themselves without breaking the bank. For myself, I would appreciate the opportunity to buy a relatively simple outfit without wondering how I am going to ration out my money for the rest of the week. UNiDAYS provides and specifically crafts that opportunity for university students simply through their university email address.

Currently, UNiDAYS has rolled out a new update with a stylish new icon for both their Android and iOS apps. For those who prefer doing their shopping from a bigger device, you can also access your account and deals via their website.

Photo Courtesy of UNiDays website

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