UD pushing for diversity with outreach to future Flyers

Grace Mccormick – Staff Writer


Over the past few years, the University of Dayton made strides to diversify the student body with

continued efforts for classes to come.


Robert Durkle, associate vice president for Enrollment Management, said that Dayton takes a multi-

lateral approach to recruit different ethnic groups, which includes the telling of Dayton’s story through

print, media, college nights and high school visits.


According to the University of Dayton Fact Book, 1,200 African and 864 Hispanics applied in 2014, 1,300

and 896 applied in 2015 and 1,600 and 1,017 applied in 2016.


The group of students who identify as multicultural (individuals with parents of two different

ethnicities), has grown over the years as well. In 2014, 424 multicultural individuals applied; 424 applied

in 2015 and 534 applied in 2016.


“Clearly our programs are making a difference as we see a positive trend in most all of our numbers

among students,” Durkle said. “We are fortunate with resources and programming in cities students

come from.”


Durkle said that it is very important to connect with future Flyers. Alumni with different ethnic

backgrounds meet with potential students of similar backgrounds to discuss specifics in relation to the



“We are sympathetic to students who can not make it to the university to visit,” Durkle said. “We have

other options, such as bringing representatives to high schools to meet students and answer any of their



Durkle said that UD has full-time staff members across the country, allowing representatives to be more

accessible to potential new students. For example, there are two staff members in Chicago, and one in

Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and St. Louis.


“We like to reach out and make sure students feel a connection,” Durkle said. “We sent out personal

letters from staff members and have student-to- student calling being done, as well.”


In different regions, the University of Dayton has programs for potential students Durkle said. Upward

Bound is a group of 50 or more students from the Chicago area who come to Dayton for activities and

presentations from staff members.


On top of that, Durkle said that the university brings admitted students to campus from locations such

as San Antonio and Puerto Rico to engage in activities and tours.


“We like to ensure that all ethnic groups are reached, so videos are also made by faculty and students to

address each ethnicity,” Durkle said.


“All of the implemented programs are to ensure everyone can see Dayton in some way or another,”

Durkle said. “Whether it be visiting the campus or talking to representatives in their home town.

For more information on the University’s marketing, contact the office of Enrollment Managing and

Marketing at Albert Emmanuel Hall.

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