UD graduates believe degree worth every penny

By: Meggie Welch

Staff Writer

The University of Dayton was chosen by the Princeton Review as one of the top colleges in the country to “pay students back.”

The Princeton Review creates a list of 200 higher-education institutions in the United States that give students back the tuition money they paid for their education. The criteria to be placed on this list is as follows: high academic rating, an affordable cost and strong career prospects after graduation. While UD is one of the higher-cost universities, the Princeton Review takes into account the financial aid offered by each of the schools.

Several UD alumni agreed with these accolades, such as 2005 UD graduate Michael Lofton, vice president of partnerships for myEDmatch of St. Louis.

“I absolutely feel as though I have [gotten my money back],” Lofton said. “I know for a fact that the occupations that I have attained thus far were possible because of my undergraduate and graduate degrees from UD.”

Other alumni felt the most essential commodity UD gives students is not a degree.

“The social skills learned by living in close proximity to your peers is a trait present in nearly every UD graduate, and proves to be valuable within the professional world,” 2009 UD graduate Kevin Miskewicz said.

According to QuintCareers.com, the most sought after skill in the workplace is the ability to listen, write and speak well. The student neighborhood creates an environment that enhances communication skills, since proximity to other students is closer than on a typical college campus.

Princeton Review ranked UD 16th for internship opportunities across the country.

Kelly Miller, a senior public relations major, had an internship last year in Washington, D.C., through the D.C. Flyers program. “I can certainly see how UD was recognized for paying graduates back. I feel UD has really set me up for success post-grad from internship coordination,” Miller said.

UD has partnerships with companies all over the globe, such as Emerson Climate Technologies and General Electric, to which Miskewicz accredited his well-rounded skills to his hands-on work with them.

Director of Career Services Jason Eckert said their office was excited about being included by Princeton Review, as it is their area of expertise. UD has been recognized for its experiential learning programs, which are internships, cooperative education, classroom research and on-campus positions with campus departments and University of Dayton Research Institute.

“The best way a student can jump start their career is through an internship,” Eckert says, “Employers are eager to hire students and post numerous opportunities in Hire a Flyer.”

For full rankings visit to www.princetonreview.com/schoolList.aspx?id=811#/.

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