UD alumnus supports social impact through philanthropic app


By: Emma Creekbaum – Staff Writer

The social enterprise that helps people pay it forward, Stand4, is launching their new live app by April, according to founder, Andy Hill.

The idea for Stand4 originated in August 2013. In January 2014 it began to take shape into what it is today.

The idea of Stand4 is for young people to realize that they can make an impact in the world whenever they choose without donating a dime.

“The company enables individuals to create a social impact and to make their mark on the world,” Hill said.

The company works by presenting a Stand4 app user with easy challenges such as taking a picture with a friend or drinking a cup of coffee. If a picture is taken and sent through the app, the user is allowed to choose the impact they want to make. For example, a user can choose to give a child a fresh cup of water or provide one day of shelter for an animal. An update on the impact being made is sent to the user through the app.

“We believe there should be more transparency in charity than there is today,” Hill said.

Charities may lack the technology available, he said, which is why Stand4 brings updates to users to provide clarity.

The company’s first test run was at the University of Dayton during March Madness of 2014. UD students were able to sign up through Stand4’s website and start making a change in the world. For every person who clicked on the Stand4 link, a meal would be provided to a local Dayton community member in need of food.

“UD gave us a proven concept here that we knew we were on to something,” Hill said. “It was cool that the Flyer faithful really helped us do that. After the platform that UD gave Stand4, an app was generated for the company through First Round Capital in September 2014.”

The public will be able to download the beta March 1. The Stand4 app will be live for iOS and Android users to download by April 1.

Stand4 is also accepting interns to work for their company. UD alumni, Sean Johnson and Ian Sauer, worked with Stand4 this past summer. Johnson is a UD seniors, Jake Robinson-Liberman and Davis Arnold, interned for the company in Delray Beach, Florida, where Stand4 is based.

Arnold was the director of marketing and user acquisition for Stand4.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to step back and see how far something has come that was once just an idea,” Arnold said. “What’s even more exciting is now seeing the endless potential Stand4 has in front of it.”

Everyone can take a “stand” and multiple “stands” with a tap of a button when the Stand4 is a fully functioning app by April this year.

For more information about Stand4 and the Stand4 app contact Andy Hill at andy@stand4.com or visit stand4.com. 

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