These Are The Best Classes At UD According To Twitter

Sean Newhouse 
Online Editor

As part of a trend asking Twitter users to participate in a social experiment by responding to a question with the first thing they think of without looking at the previous replies, the University of Dayton (@univofdayton) asked its followers on June 25 to comment with their favorite class at UD.

 There were 302 replies. Christian Marriage with Father Burns, who retired from teaching more than a decade ago but who taught the course to more than 27,000 students, was the most mentioned class with at least 13 users commenting that it was their favorite one at UD. 

Here are some of the other answers: 

  • The American Presidency with Dr. Devine 
  • Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections with Dr. Devine
  • Color Photo with Prof. Jones
  • Human Rights Capstone with Dr. Hudson
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Microbiology with Dr. Kearns
  • Microbiology with Dr. Robinson
  • Core Seminar with Dr. Atlas
  • Ebony Heritage Singers
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations with Dr. Picca
  • Sociology of Sexualities with Dr. Picca
  • Senior English Seminar with Dr. Morgan
  • African American Literature with Dr. Morgan
  • American Literature with Dr. Morgan
  • Philosophy and Irish Literature with Dr. Herbenick
  • Christian Ethics with Fr. Heft
  • Music History with Dr. Dorf
  • Music & Gender with Dr. Dorf
  • English 101 with Dr. McCombe
  • Russian Conversation with Dr. Liaugminas
  • Contemporary American History with Dr. Palermo
  • Renewable Energy Engineering with Dr. Hallinan
  • Public Speaking with Prof. Toomb
  • Tim’s
  • Energy Efficient Buildings with Dr. Kissock
  • Digital Marketing with Prof. Dickey
  • Essentials of Strength Conditioning with Prof. Gallo
  • Civil Liberties with Prof. Ingram
  • Data Structures with Dr. Lang
  • Islamic Philosophy and Culture with Dr. Sayeh Meisami
  • Anything at the China Institute, which the user pointed out no longer offers classes to students 
  • Religions of the World with Sr. Judith Martin
  • Constitutional Law with Dr. Pierce
  • Figure Skating (the user confirmed it was “a thing”)
  • The Gospels with Fr. Kozar
  • Social Science Integrated on Wrongful Conviction with Dr. Rodriguez
  • Russia and New States with Dr. Bilocerkowycz
  • Literature for the Common Good with Dr. Fine
  • Leadership in Building Communities with Br. Ray

At least two users said these classes were their favorite at UD: 

  • Italian Renaissance Art with Dr. Crum 
  • Anything and everything Prof. Flynn teaches
  • Existentialism with Prof. Dunham
  • Literature of the Occult with Dr. Farrelly
  • Social Welfare Policy with Dr. Sayre
  • Environmental Policy with Dr. Pautz
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