Students Report Additional Security Cameras Installed in South Student Neighborhood Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

Cover photo taken by Christian Cubacub

Sean Newhouse 
Online Editor-in-Chief

Flyer News photographer Christian Cubacub noticed on Tuesday what he thought was a new security camera on Kiefaber Street in the South Student Neighborhood. 

This is one of the cameras that Christian reported was newly installed

He looked around and noticed seven additional security cameras (four on Kiefaber; four on Lowes Street). 

These are the locations where Christian noticed the cameras in question. Graphic created by Christian

Flyer News then reached out to the university, and officials responded with this statement:

“As is the case with virtually every institution and business, cameras have been monitoring campus for a number of years. Every year, we assess and frequently add cameras in a variety of locations to enhance the safety and security of our community.”

Barstool Flyers, a social media account affiliated with Barstool Sports that is extremely popular on UD’s campus, announced a pre-St. Patrick’s Day day drink for Saturday. This is the same day that ESPN College GameDay is visiting campus to preview UD men’s basketball game against George Washington. 

The actual St. Patrick’s Day celebration is planned for March 28 since students will be on Spring Break on the actual holiday. 

Last year, Flyer News reported that security cameras were installed in the South Student Neighborhood in advance of St. Patrick’s Day based on multiple student reports. 

We retracted the report when the university sent us a statement that implied the security cameras had been there for years. 

Cubacub noticed the cameras in question had disappeared in the summer. At that point, university officials confirmed that additional cameras were installed for St. Patrick’s Day last year.

The photo on the left was taken just before St. Patrick’s Day last year. The one on the right was taken after the semester ended.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2018, four UD students were arrested and officers in riot gear had to break up the crowd that had gathered on Lowes.  

UD Police Chief Savalas Kidd, who assumed the position in February, answered questions from students about St. Patrick’s Day on UD’s Instagram.

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