Student Leaders, Law Professors React To Kavanaugh Confirmation

Grace James 
Contributing Writer

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Oct. 6 with a Senate vote of 50-48. His confirmation came after a divisive partisan battle, with sexual assault allegations from multiple women. Leaders on UD’s campus shared their views on what transpired and their hopes for moving forward.

On Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony….

President of Feminists United, Bailey Johnson

“I think that Dr. Ford’s testimony shed light on the very real issue of sexual assault that happens daily in the U.S. and all over the world…I believe that her testimony will remain a pivotal hallmark in the women’s rights movement for centuries to come.”

UD College Republicans President, John Gomez

“It came down to the burden of proof. If there was more evidence against Kavanaugh, I think more senators would have peeled off.”

UD College Democrats President, Thomas Pedrotti

“I want them (supreme court justices) to have a clean record. They should be held to a higher standard.”

President of Flyers for Life, Victoria Karutz

“After hearing both Ford and Kavanaugh, I truly believed that they both sounded truthful in their testimonies. Those guilty should face legal repercussions for their actions, but due process must still be maintained.”

Six UD law professors added their signatures to a letter signed by more than 2,400 professors of law, which urged the Senate to not confirm Kavanaugh.

Professor Adam Todd

“Justice Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings did not comport himself in an apolitical, neutral way nor did it appear that he was open to getting out the truth underlying the proceedings.”

Professor Faisal Chaudhry

“We all should take pause when the arguments we hear being made by those accused of impropriety seem to start from the suspect principle that the status quo in society and history is one based on victimizing powerful men.”

Professor Christopher Roederer

“He was not able to keep his own personal interests and feelings in check during the process.”

Professor Susan Wawrose

“As someone who teaches future lawyers, I emphasize the importance of professionalism and civility in all aspects of the legal profession.”

On the future of the Supreme Court….

President of Flyers for Life, Victoria Karutz

“Personally, I hope he (Kavanaugh) is active in deeming Roe v Wade unconstitutional. Millions of babies have been murdered for sake of ‘convenience’ and I want the most innocent in our society to be protected and cherished.”

UD College Republicans President, John Gomez

“I hope the Court keeps a textualist, traditionalist interpretation of the Constitution.”

President of Feminists United, Bailey Johnson

“I believe that women in this country will take Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the opportunity to continue spreading awareness and education on the issues of sexual assault and women’s reproductive and health rights.”

Turning Point USA President, Brian Mercado

“I hope [the Republicans] do their best to reach across the aisle to show the country that we can come together and affect positive change across a variety of issues.”

Professor Susan Wawrose

“I do hope that any damage that has been done to the credibility of the Court and the nomination process can be repaired, so that Americans can continue to place trust in the Court’s decisions which, of course, affect us all.”

Graphic made by Peter Kolb. 

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