Student CrossFit event re-focuses fitness awareness

By: Rachel Cain – News Editor

A group of students in Peter Titlebaum’s, D.Ed., sport facility operations class held a CrossFit training event at Gem City CrossFit in Dayton April 11.

CrossFit, a fitness program developed by coach Greg Glassman over several decades, emphasizes workouts of different exercises at relatively high intensity, according to CrossFit’s official website.

Students Mitch Coughlin, David Fisher, Noelle Hecht, Matthew Landry and Matthew McKenzie collaborated to organize the fitness event, which fulfilled a requirement for their sports management course.

“The rising popularity of [CrossFit workouts] made the recruitment of participants easier than the group had expected because they were able to offer a discounted price of $25,” Brenna Frattaroli, senior sport management major and teaching assistant (TA), said.

Six students from UD participated in the event.

The hour and a half program included three workouts with a 10 minute break between each.

The first two exercises focused on upper-body strength and leg muscles, respectively.

The first workout, which lasted 10 minutes, involved pull-ups, pushups and squats. The second exercise, which lasted 15 minutes, included box jumps and medicine ball squat throws.

The third workout was a full-body workout and was measured by the number of repetitions completed, rather than the amount of time. During this workout, the participants completed kettlebell exercises.

“After completing the workout, the gym instructors informed us that we had done a total of 30-35 minutes of actual activity,” Frattaroli said, “but it was so intense that it was the equivalent of someone being in the gym for over an hour.”

The participants who completed the most sets during each of the workout received prizes, which were a choice of a $25 gift card to Shall, Dick’s Sporting Goods or GNC.

Three sponsors made the event possible. Milano’s donated more than $200-worth of food for the participants, Ginnybakes donated five boxes of “Ginnybar” granola bars, and Bell Plantation donated a case of sample bags of PB2 powdered peanut butter, a healthy alternative to peanut butter.

“After going through three rounds of intense workouts, all of us were laying on the floor because we had worked ourselves to the max,” Frattaroli said. “A CrossFit workout is not for the weak of heart.”

Although a CrossFit workout may help people complete intense exercises within a condensed amount of time, any form of exercise during finals week could be beneficial for students.

“There are so many benefits from exercise that speak to success when it comes to intellectual performance,” Melissa Longino, director of Campus Recreation, said. “Exercise can boost chemicals in the brain and sharpen memory.”

For the best effects, Longino suggested students exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day.

“It can be as simple as taking a walk or riding a bike,” Longino said, “something that’s going to get your heart rate up.”

The RecPlex will be open until 10 p.m. Thursday, April 30, and 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, May 1.

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