Preview of the inauguration of UD’s 19th president Dr. Eric Spina

By: Neil Burger – Staff Writer

For only the second time in over 35 years, the University of Dayton will be inaugurating a new president, Dr. Eric Spina. Dr. Spina came to us this past July from Syracuse University, after an impressive 28 years of research and academic work and with more accomplishments than could be listed.

This inauguration will be far from a dull affair, involving a series of exciting events across a four day period that starts on Sunday, April 2 with mass at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and ends on Thursday, April 5 with the Br. Joseph W. Stander Symposium. In between is a myriad of diverse events sponsored by student groups, like the Greek Life cornhole tournament, the Alpha Phi Omega 5K, the river clean up with the River Stewards, and many others.

Dr. Spina and the hard-working inauguration committee wanted to ensure the inauguration had students extensively involved, being front and center during the experience. The installation ceremony itself will take place at UD Arena at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4. There Dr. Spina will be installed and will speak about the future of the university.

Below is just part of what Dr. Spina said in an exclusive interview with Flyer News, about the inauguration and the future of UD.


FN: What is some important life advice you would give to students?

PS: “Pursue your passion. Work towards your passion and you’ll be the best and make a good living, even if it is underwater basket weaving. It is not worth your time working a job you don’t enjoy for a big paycheck when you can do something you are passionate about.”


FN: What is something people wouldn’t expect about you?

PS: “I am by far the loudest and most annoying UD basketball fan, whether it be cheering when we score or yelling at the refs.”


FN: What is your spirit animal and why?

PS: “I would say a bald eagle, given how it is symbolic for freedom, elegance, and confidence. That, and I am balder than I use to be.”


FN: Where do you see UD in the next five years?

PS: “Without giving too much away, it is important to note that this is not “Spina’s plan”; it is UD’s plan. It will be authentic to UD’s values and we will certainly be doubling down on what makes us great.”
Anyone who wishes to hear more about the University’s plan is encouraged to attend the installation where the plan will be discussed in greater detail.


Photo courtesy of The University of Dayton

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