President Moyer and VP Hoby usher in a new era for SGA

Drew Moyer, left, and Hannah Hoby, right, will be sworn in on April 15th as president and vice president of SGA for the 2021-22 school year. Headshots courtesy of Moyer.

Grace DiPierro

News Staff Writer

With the conclusion of spring elections, the University of Dayton’s Student Government Association (SGA) looks forward to swearing in president-elect Drew Moyer and vice president-elect Hannah Hoby for the 2021-22 academic year.

Moyer is a junior communication management major and a business marketing minor with an insight sales emphasis and a certificate in group facilitation and leadership. Moyer works as a fellow in the student neighborhood, is a supervisor for Facility Operations and Member Services at the RecPlex and a club tennis member. 

Hannah Hoby is a junior political science major with a marketing minor. For the past three years Hoby has worked with the Student Transitions and Family Program for New Student Orientation as an orientation and a welcome leader. Hoby is the marketing intern for UDayton Votes, a student-led organization that focuses on college student voting engagement.

This is the first year that both Moyer and Hoby have served as junior class representatives for SGA. The two have big plans for the upcoming academic year to improve the lives of UD students. 

When Moyer and Hoby met, Moyer vocalized his goal to be the SGA president. At first, he joked with Hoby about having her as his vice president, but this joke soon turned into reality. 

While the lack of in-person campaigning posed a challenge, it allowed Moyer and Hoby to come up with new ways to connect with students.

Moyer and Hoby wanted to make themselves seem like more relatable candidates. Hoby said that it seems like there is a “divide between SGA and students because SGA seems very administration-driven, but our campaign put an emphasis on students.” 

According to Moyer, another question him and Hoby asked themselves during their campaign was “how do we encapsulate the entire student body, from first year to upper division student experience?”

First year students don’t yet know what the Dayton community feels like due to COVID-19 restrictions, “so making sure we have first years who haven’t experienced that on our advisory board is important to us,” Moyer said.

“Anything that concerns students on campus concerns Hannah and I,” Moyer said. Since SGA is the main voice and advocate for student concerns, Moyer and Hoby take their responsibilities very seriously.

Advocacy, transparency and sustainability are three priorities that Moyer and Hoby have for next year. “Our big goal is bringing a breath of fresh air to SGA and really representing the true student body,” Moyer said.

Decisions made by the administration are supposed to benefit students. That being said, Moyer explained the importance of advocacy by noting that “anywhere that decisions are made for students needs to have a student in the room.”

Moyer and Hoby are committed to addressing specific student concerns that have already been brought to their attention, including concerns about campus safety and the PATH point system for housing. 

To honor their commitment to transparency, Moyer and Hoby want to better utilize the campus email system. They will send emails and a newsletter with campus updates, the reasons behind each one and places for students to voice concerns.

Lastly, Moyer and Hoby are committed to making all parts of UD more sustainable and are working on a $13,000 project to bring recycling bins to campus houses. 

Hoby concluded that they are excited to get to work, but they still need students’ help. 

“We want more open-minded people in SGA because more perspectives make a better administration,” Hoby said. 

“We want to see new people join SGA, so we encourage people to run in the fall and apply for appointed positions to represent students,” Moyer added. “We are excited to step in and go to the administration and say, ‘how do we move Flyers forward?’”

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