Photo Feature: John McCombe

Several senior journalism majors were assigned to spend some one-on-one time with a UD faculty or staff member to capture a profile feature. Check out other photo feature stories here.

Photos by Kaitlin Lewis | Online Editor-in-Chief

John McCombe, director of the University Honors Program, sits at his desk in Alumni Hall. The University Honors Program office is located in the heart of the University of Dayton’s campus.

McCombe spent his morning catching up on emails at his desk before grabbing coffee with a colleague. Scattered across McCombe’s desk lay several notes and printed-out drafts.

McCombe is currently working on a book project covering British literature – the field of his doctorate degree from the Ohio State University.  

On the backside of his desktop computer, McCombe hung a copy of an old family photo taken at Christmas of his dad, his mom, his older sister and himself. McCombe said the photo was taken before his younger brother was born.

On top of McCombe’s bookshelf are several photos of friends and colleagues, with pictures of his wife and two daughters in the middle front. McCombe said the papers on the lower shelves were mainly drafts from his book project.

McCombe’s office also has a separate closet with a larger bookshelf. McCombe said that if he ever moved offices, he would miss having his book room the most.

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