Paving the way to success, a record-breaking year for UD grads

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Tori Miller News Editor

Landing a job can be a stressor for college students post graduation, especially in a sea of heightened competition and a constantly changing market. Despite the difficulties, the recent University of Dayton graduates report a record 98% success rate and 10.5% jump in average salary. 

For over 10 years, Career Services has been conducting the Flyer First Destination Survey as a way to highlight UD graduate success and to promote the university’s programs to prospective students. This year, the survey received its highest response rate at 91%.

“Success,” as defined in the annual UD Career Services Flyer First Destination Survey, means being employed, pursuing a graduate degree or participating in a service program within six months of earning their degree, according to Jason Eckert, executive director of UD Career Services.

“We’ve taken this work incredibly seriously in terms of making sure that we have a very high response rate to the survey,” Eckert said. “It’s super important that the university is serving our students from a career perspective.”

The survey consulted graduates no matter their degree level from August 2021, December 2021 and May 2022, breaking down average starting salaries, top employers, top graduate schools, if graduates found jobs in their chosen fields and much more. All results are available and free for public access. 

The survey reflects three things; how well the campus prepares graduates for life after college, how well the graduates apply and fight for opportunities and the current state of the economy, according to Eckert.

“I think the survey illustrates the preparation that our students receive not only in the classroom, but through our emphasis on experiential learning programs like internships, community-based learning and what’s offered at the Fitz Center,” he said. “I really believe in the quality of education we [UD] provide and the quality of instruction offered by our faculty.” 

Career Services plans to keep the success rate on the rise by prioritizing the student community’s career development. Alongside providing professional networking opportunities— such as career fairs and providing funding for the headshot booth in Roesch Library— Career Services opened a second facility in 2020 specifically designed to welcome prospective employers and to cater to student’s professional needs. The facility ensures that resources are available to make it easier for students to land their dream job, such as having reservable rooms for interviews with sound proof walls and great internet connection. 

“I’m very pleased with the career outcomes achieved by these resilient graduates,” Eckert said. “A hallmark of UD’s Marianist education is educating for adaptation and change, and our graduates the last two years definitely have done that with much success.”

Jason Eckert gives a big smile for the new headshot booth provided by Career Services. Photo courtesy of Eckert.

For more information, check out the survey results here: or contact with any questions.

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