New Class Registration System Explained

Grace James
Contributing Writer

UD will switch to a new class registration system for all students beginning with registration for the Fall 2019 semester.

The new system is being released as a “soft roll-out,” where students will be introduced to it gradually instead of all at once. It was first used by students in the School of Engineering to register for classes in the Fall 2018 semester.

“We got a very good response from the School of Engineering,” said Associate Registrar Maria Newland.

The program was introduced to all students to register for the Spring 2019 semester, with the old system still being available to use. For Fall 2019, the new system will be the only way to register for classes.

Students who are using Porches to register for this term still have the choice between the “NEW and IMPROVED” or “Old Version” of the online registration system.

The “new and improved” system delivered a mixed response from students, with some surprised about the change. Joey Glasgow, a junior economics major, was confused about the timing of the release.

“My first thoughts when the new system was announced was why it was being sent out just two days before registration began for seniors,” he said.

Senior communication major Grace Luepke found it difficult to find certain sections for classes.

“A lot of sections didn’t even appear on the system,” she said. “Luckily, I was able to use [the] old system and rework my schedule to get into those classes.”

According to Jennifer Creech, UD’s registrar, the university will smooth out issues before the permanent switch to the new system.

The updates are part of a change within Banner, the software manufacturer of UD’s class registration system, as the company improves its features.

The new system for registration shows off a sleek design backed up by more modern technology.

“There were some technical limitations with the old system,” Creech said.

The new registration system will include assistance technology, improved mobile set-up and enhanced visibility and navigation.

“The new software enhances student user experience in a modern way,” Creech said.

In preparation for Fall 2019 class registration, UD will provide students with different documents and videos through Porches to teach them how the new system will operate.

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