Metal Detectors and Other Security Measures Added to UD Arena

MacKenzie Berk
Contributing Writer

UD’s renovated arena (cover photo) now has metal detectors. Courtesy of Christian Cubacub

When fans enter the newly-renovated UD Arena for the first time, they will find that getting access to their seats might take longer than in previous basketball seasons. This is because the University of Dayton has included new security measures in its multi-million dollar renovation. 

“We’re asking our fans for their patience and their partnership as we implement the metal detectors,” UD Vice President and Director of Athletics Neil Sullivan said in a prepared release. “We will make adjustments as needed to deliver the highest-quality experience for entering the Arena with the additional safety measures.”

These may annoy fans at first, but they show UD’s foremost concern is the comfort and safety of its fans. To make things easier all around, spectators should bring as little as possible to each game. Large purses and backpacks may have to be checked before going through the metal detector, and there will be no place to store prohibited items. Your regular belts, wallets and handy change can remain in your pockets. 

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Taylor Genier, president of the Red Scare, commended the UD Arena security staff. He notes that 500 to 700 students are in the section during each game. Stating that he himself has never felt uncomfortable when attending a game, Genier adds that he hopes no one else has either. Even so Genier is pleased with these measures. 

“I think if you look at professional stadiums like the NFL or MLB, these metal detectors and wands have become second nature to fans so we just somewhat expect them to be at the door when we arrive for an event,” Genier said. “I’m glad UD Arena is keeping up with these professional leagues security wise, it adds another layer to protecting patrons who want to enjoy an event in the arena.” 

UD’s Arena is in demand and well-known for it’s loud fans, and the hosting of NCAA tournament games. Arguably having the best basketball facility in the country, UD definitely was poised to ramp up its arena’s security measures to match its prestige. 

Sullivan said that adjustments will be made as needed to the entry process. However, enthusiasm will go on as usual. Within the fan section, there will be the same nail biting excitement, pride and community we Flyer fans expect.

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