Meet the Employee Behind the Isidore Twitter Profile

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Julia Pucci
Contributing Writer

Students at the University of Dayton know the Isidore website as a tool to keep up to date with grades and assignments, but they might not know of Isidore’s social media presence.

Since 2015, Isidore has had a Twitter account that updates students on how to use the Isidore website and provides funny stress-relieving tweets. The Twitter account brings attention to how unique Isidore is. The website is individual to the university, because the platform can be downloaded and edited to fit specific purposes.

“The attendance tool in Isidore was made by our developers here in house,” said Julianne Morgan, the mind behind the Isidore Twitter account. “We listen to our users and actively seek out user feedback, and then we make changes based on that.”

Julianne Morgan is the voice behind Isidore’s popular Twitter account. Photo from the University of Dayton

Julianne Morgan is a UD graduate who works as an eLearning Specialist for the university. As an eLearning Specialist, she teaches faculty and students how to use the Isidore site. Morgan enjoys the coding work she does for the website, and she loves the creative work she puts into the Twitter account. She works to find a balance between funny tweets and tweets that focus on student success and Isidore tips. According to Morgan, there is important information, outside of academics, students can also find on the Twitter account.

“I do try to post actual useful tips for using Isidore but then also about community partners, such as sexual violence prevention and the education team,” Morgan said. “The suicide prevention organization has also asked me to post things. Whenever I can get content from other people on campus, it is always about really important messages that I know some students want, and need, to hear.”

To balance these serious posts with lightheartedness, the Twitter account includes an animated character of Isidore. This character adds a fun and interactive element to the account and was created by University of Dayton senior Meghan Deist.

Along with the tweets, Morgan creates the poll widgets that are found on the home page of the Isidore site, such as the Thanksgiving food poll done in November 2019.

She also runs a Twitter account for faculty members and an account for Isidore’s best friend, Lisidore. The information posted on the Isidore Twitter account is important and can be helpful for students to pay attention to.

“The goal is to establish a rapport with students so that they feel they can reach out to either the Twitter feed or my team, eLearning, for help with how to use the system or for help with writing or anything,” Morgan said. “We can usually find the right people to put them in contact with. That is my main goal, to make sure that students know that they can contact us and that we are not scary monsters or anything like that.”

For more information, contact eLearning at or by phone at 937-229-5039, and follow Isidore on Twitter @Isidore_UD.

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