Job search hopeful for 2021 graduates

After a year of virtual experience, the class of 2021 have had better luck this summer finding jobs post-graduation. Photo courtesy of

Cameron VanValkenburg | Contributing Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a surge of UD college students to lose opportunities for internships in 2020; however, things are looking up in 2021.

UD student Preston Frenzel was set to intern as an office assistant for Senator Todd Young from Indiana. It would have taken place in Washington, DC. The internship was based around giving tours of the Capital and other buildings within the city. Due to medical concerns revolving around Covid-19, Frenzel was forced to drop the internship. Frenzel did have another internship he applied to at the last minute and was able to get it remotely for the summer of 2020.

“The office thought that it was better to cancel or give people the option to defer the internship because, if they had not, then only a few interns would have been allowed to join and participate in the internship program,” Frenzel said. 

After deferring the internship as an office assistant, there was little contact between Frenzel and the employers throughout the fall. However, during the winter and early spring he emailed back and forth with the head intern coordinator to ensure the internship was still able to move forward and to verify that he still had his position secured. Frenzel now plans to participate as an office assistant for Senator Todd Young after graduation this year. 

Other students were not as lucky as Frenzel and found trouble finding a job after graduation. However, there was a large surge of hiring from several companies on platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

2021 Graduate Haley Farra was set to intern in Greece through Intern Abroad HQ in the summer of 2020. The Samos Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation internship program would last four weeks and help Farra develop skills in media, communications and public relations. 

Farra was forced to back out of the internship due to tight Covid-19 regulations and shutdowns. She spent the summer looking for other internships to take on during her final year at UD.

In the fall of 2020, she interned for RippleMatch, a college student recruiting company that helps students find early careers. Most of her work consisted of recruiting other individuals to join the company or build a profile. She was later promoted as an interviewer to hire for her previous position. 

In Spring 2021 Farra spent time looking for a full-time position as a sales representative. She landed a position at MoLo Solutions and will join the team in July 2021. 

“It was applications like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn that helped me in my job hunt,” Farra said. 

Many UD graduates are having similar luck like Frenzel and Farra. 2021 is looking very up for graduating Flyers.

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