House on Lowes Burglarized

Cover photo of a house in the South Student Neighborhood taken by Sean Newhouse

Sean Newhouse 
Online Editor-in-Chief

A woman who is not associated with the University of Dayton entered a house on Lowes Street in the South Student Neighborhood without permission in the early hours on Monday.

The individual was immediately taken into custody, according to university officials. Police presented charges against her to the prosecutor’s office for felony burglary, receiving stolen property and drug possession. The university also issued a criminal trespass warning to her to stay away from UD property. 

Officials said they did not notify students because there was no ongoing danger to campus. 

Senior John Ginotti, who is a resident of the house that was burglarized, said he was woken up by a “shadowy figure” grabbing his leg and telling him there was a man with a saw outside trying to get into his house. When he realized he didn’t know the person, he said he kicked her away and yelled for his roommate to wake up. 

Ginotti went to unlock the bedroom door because he said the individual had locked herself in when she entered the room. She kept repeating that there was a man outside with a saw. 

“…[M]y roommate…and I attempted to calm her down and asked her if she could keep her hands visible to us until the police arrived,” Ginotti said. 

After they called the police, she went into their closet. The roommates decided to hold the closet door shut until officers arrived. 

When police arrived, they removed the woman from the house and searched the area for the man the woman described but didn’t find anyone, according to Ginotti. 

“Both the campus police and Dayton police that arrived were extremely helpful and [their] response time was very quick,” he said. 

Campus crimes can be reported to Public Safety by calling 937-229-2121

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