Green BEAN delivers healthy options to students

By: Mary Macrae – Staff Writer

Green BEAN is a year-round service that allows Midwesterners to purchase healthy and organic groceries online to be delivered to their homes. The acronym BEAN stands for the company’s core initiatives: Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture and Nutrition. The objective of this service is to provide communities of the Midwest with a way to receive locally grown food in a manageable and inexpensive manner. As of now, the company provides its services to communities in Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis.

This company incorporates its delivery service to extend to college students in order to promote its mission of achieving healthy living in communities which includes students of the University of Dayton.

“Eating pizza and ramen noodles has become a go-to staple for college students across the country,” Matt Ewer, co-founder of Green BEAN Delivery, said. “However, incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your weekly habits should be a priority. Green BEAN Delivery is an online home delivery service that can play a big role in helping students and parents stay in a consistent routine by delivering fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries directly to UD students’ homes and apartments.”

One of the priorities of Green BEAN Delivery is to create a platform that allows students access to fresh fruits and vegetables in a maneuverable and comprehensive venue. The company has even included an option that allows roommates to collaborate on their orders. They can customize their purchases and share their fresh and organic food with each other either weekly, biweekly or monthly.

“Roommates can customize their orders together and share the fresh produce and natural groceries with each other. They can order all of their weeks’ worth of groceries from Green BEAN Delivery and choose the appropriate bin and bin size depending on how much they need and what they would like to order,” Ewer said.

Another component of the service is that the food delivered is from mostly local farmers and artisans. Green BEAN Delivery’s mission promotes the process of building local systems and markets. By purchasing foods from local systems, Green BEAN Delivery aims to help support and grow the local economy and the nation as a whole.

Students who are interested in using this service can visit and create an account. Students can immediately start customizing their orders from thousands of different options of all natural and grocery options. For delivery in dorms, students should check with member service delivery if dorm delivery is possible for their particular dorm.

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