Fuyao Glass Group give monumental gift to UDCI

By: Roger Hoke – News Editor

On Friday, Fuyao Glass America announced a $7 million gift to the University of Dayton China Institute (UDCI) in Suzhou Industrial Park.

According to the official press release, the money will be put toward creating a five-story building, which will house UDCI.

“We are immensely grateful to Chairman Dewang Cao and pleased to enter into this relationship, which solidifies the University of Dayton’s presence in China and our growing international reputation,” Daniel J. Curran, University of Dayton president, said at the ceremony. “With this gift, we can continue to expand our academic, research and development and innovation programs.”

The chairman of Fuyao Glass Group, Dewang Cao believes UDCI is working toward bringing harmony between human beings.

“The ultimate goal of our endeavors is to achieve harmony among people,” Dewang said during the announcement. “The University of Dayton China Institute has the potential to become a center of international goodwill, where people from all over the world come to learn and work together.”

“That is important and valuable work, and we would like to play a part in making it happen,” Dewang said.

Fuyao Glass Group is the largest Chinese investor in the state of Ohio.

UDCI has programs for UD students in the fields of business, engineering, humanities and science courses, according to the official press release. These programs are offered to American, Chinese and other international students.

According to the official press release, Fuyao Glass Group will work together with UDCI in activities such as research, technology and improvement of management effectiveness. UD students at UDCI will be able to work with members of Fuyao Glass Group in these fields.

The chairman of the Suzhou Industrial Park is happy with both UDCI and Fuyao Glass Group.

“In just a few years, the University of Dayton China Institute has become an established and respected educational institution in the Suzhou Industrial Park,” said Suzhou Industrial Park Chairman Zhiping Yang. “We are looking forward to many years of partnership with the University as well as developing a strong relationship with Fuyao.”

“This donation goes a long way in helping Dayton students build a relationship with another of the world’s most powerful countries and strongest economies,” Jon Ashbrock, junior mathematics major said.

Fuyao Glass Group is helping the local economy by bringing many jobs to Moraine. According to the official press release, the Fuyao Glass Group reopened the closed General Motor’s plant in Moraine last year and will be employing around 1,000 people.

UDCI’s inaugural semester long-term will start this month. Thirty students from UD and elsewhere will take classes in arts, business and other fields in Suzhou Industrial Park. UD students are able to take classes in China for around the same cost as spending the term in Ohio.

For more information on UDCI and the gift of Fuyao Glass Group, visit https://www.udayton.edu/china_institute/#3.

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