Flyers Embrace Their Holiday Spirit as Break Approaches

There are only a couple of days remaining until the stresses of finals are behind us and the holiday break officially begins. Some students do not have very far to travel but others will be traveling halfway around the world to be with their families during the upcoming break. Flyer News was curious to see how students are spending their holiday break.  

Flyer News:  Where are you from?

Anthony Mulherin:  I am from Mansfield, Ohio. It is in-between Columbus and Cleveland.

BreAnn Porter-Hill:  Dayton

Caelan Danbury: I’m from Washington, DC

Emily Haynes:  Cincinnati

MaryPat Globig: I’m actually from around here! I grew up in the Centerville/Kettering area, which is only like 10 or 15 minutes from campus – depending on where you’re going.

Mosaed Ashkanani:  I am from Kuwait.

Phoebe Trogolo:  The ‘Burgh! Nah, I’m from a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Purna Sai Veeramacheneni:  Myself? I’m from India.

FN:  What are your plans during the upcoming break?

AM:  I’m planning to get a ten-day job before Christmas. Then spend as much time with my family as possible. I’m also going to enjoy not going to class.

BP:  I am planning to go to El Salvador with my Anthropology and Religion class. We are leaving on Jan. 7 and we are coming back Jan. 15.

CD:  I plan to be with my family and friends, eat lots of good food, and relax.

EH:  I usually spend the break just hanging out with my family.

MG:  Well, I really need to find a job close to my Centerville house because that’s where I will be staying over break. I’m really excited to just relax.

MA:  I am looking to go back to my country.  I miss my father and siblings and I miss the delicious foods!

PT:  I’m so excited for finals to be over!  Over break my cousins from Kansas are coming into town and we’ll all meet up with family.  It’s usually a lot of fun because we’re all around the same age and usually get into some kind of shenanigans. Then my brother, my friend, and I are heading down to meet our friend who’s med school in Miami to celebrate our 21st’s and ring in the New Year.  I’m excited because I don’t normally do much for New Years.

PV:  I plan to go home this Christmas break.

FN:  How do you celebrate the holidays with your family?

AM:  I celebrate the holidays by cutting down a real tree with my family. My family also bakes Christmas cookie cutouts. We go to midnight mass to celebrate Christmas. Then spend Christmas day together and open gifts.

BP:  My family usually comes together and we do Secret Santa like the year before. So on Christmas we only have to buy gifts for one person. It’s pretty awesome!

CD:  I always celebrate with my immediate family.  My grandmother cooks a big breakfast, and then we open presents.  After we are done with that, we relax for the rest of the day…maybe go on and walk and then have a big dinner.

EH:  Every year we go see a movie on Christmas Eve and we eat a ton of food.

MG:  Usually it changes every year because everyone’s family is growing bigger and bigger. So it becomes more difficult for everyone to be in one place all at the same time.  This year I think I’m having Christmas morning at my mom’s and I’ll be spending Christmas Day at my dad’s house.

MA:  I will celebrate the holidays with my family:  my wife and my sons.  I am looking forward to spending most of my time at a beach and in restaurants!

PT:  The holidays are always a lot of fun with my family.  My cousins will usually fly in Christmas Eve, so we spend the entire night catching up with each other. Then we usually wake up and go to mass and then have a giant breakfast.  The food on Christmas is always one of my favorite…we usually have some amazing breakfast potato! But yeah, usually I spend the holidays with family and have a good time.

PV:  I will spend time with my family, cousins, and friends after a long time.

Flyer News: Univ. of Dayton's Student Newspaper