Flyer Enterprises To Open New Bistro In The Arcade

Rachel Maus
Contributing Writer

Cover photo courtesy of Vince Lewis

Flyer Enterprises will be opening its newest store location at the Arcade in the summer of 2020, and the name will be released within the next few months.

Courtesy of Grace James

The 560 square foot bistro will be the first off-campus location for Flyer Enterprises.

The opening of a new branch of Flyer Enterprises has served as an experiential learning opportunity for the students planning the operation, who have had hands-on involvement from the beginning.

“Flyer Enterprises is a student-run, student-led organization, and because of that they are taking the lead on their operation at the Arcade,” said Vince Lewis, entrepreneur-in-residence at UD.

The team of students planning the bistro have done everything from deciding the layout of the space to choosing what equipment the store will use.  

Flyer Enterprises has served UD students and faculty with a variety of foods and drinks, from sandwiches at ArtStreet Cafe to ice cream at The Galley and coffee at Heritage Coffee House or The Blend. The new bistro will add two more items to the list: pizzas and salads. The team of students working on the project decided on these menu items after surveying Dayton residents working near the Arcade to figure out what type of food would best serve the area.

“We saw the Arcade opportunity as a chance to improve our overall business, jump into a new market and give more students the opportunity to learn and develop,” said Kyle Ransom, a senior finance major and CEO of Flyer Enterprises. “The Arcade project is very special for the city of Dayton and Flyer Enterprises is more than happy to be a part of it.”  

The new location will allow Flyer Enterprises to expand their customer base–which currently revolves around UD students and faculty–to include Dayton residents. The bistro certainly gives the University of Dayton community plenty to look forward to for next summer.

“This business won’t be like anything that we’ve ever done,” Ransom said. “The size, product offerings and brand will all be unique for this location.”

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