Fitness Column: Just (Sushi) Roll With It

Allison Brace
Health & Fitness Columnist

Hey guys, I’m back this week to tell you all about some of the healthier dining hall options at the University of Dayton. While the “freshman 15” is always possible, there are many options to keep those pounds off. Additionally, eating well and staying hydrated are necessary to feel your best and keep your mind running at the top of its game.

UD does a good job at offering a wide variety of food from PB&J to salads to Mongolian cuisine. They also offer many quick snacks like fruit and veggies. However, when it comes to meals, one of my favorite places is the sushi bar at Passport in VWK.

There are many health benefits to eating sushi and it is even better that the sushi is made fresh right in front of you rather than packed and stored away. I am a big fan of being able to see my food as it’s being made because then I know exactly what’s in it, plus nothing beats the taste of fresh seafood.

As I said before, sushi has many health benefits. I have never been a huge fish person, but I honestly love salmon. Ironically, it is one of the healthier types of fish, although most seafood has good nutritional value.  Salmon is high in protein, omega-3, and vitamin D. According to the LIVESTRONG website, omega-3 is a mineral that is thought to prevent cancer and the protein helps brain cells to stay active for both cell and muscle regeneration.

Another perk of eating sushi is that it gives you your meat and veggies both in every bite. I tend to choose a California roll option which often contains avocado which is an excellent vegetable. Sushi is also a good way to get healthy carbohydrates that are necessary for the body.

Beside the fact that I can get so much nutritional value out of one sushi roll, I love that it is so light, especially after a workout. When I eat it I always get full, but I never feel gross or stuffed as I usually do when I eat food that is made with lots of oil or grease.

For those of you who are no longer on a meal plan but are still looking for healthy meals, I would recommend trying out Dorothy Land Market. Staying with the sushi theme, they have a wonderful sushi bar you can purchase fresh. Not only does DLM sell sushi, but they also have many other fresh food options to eat in the store or even take for a later date. There is a DLM only 3 miles from campus in Oakwood.

I hope this helps you guys see just some of the places UD offers for eating well. The combination of eating smart and exercising regularly is an important part in being successful in and out of the classroom. I challenge you all to try to eat 3 healthy meals a day and drink 5-8 eight once glasses of water this week and see if you notice yourself feeling better and more energized during your workouts.

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