‘Financial bumps’ prevent Campus Concert Committee from hosting event

By: Meredith Whelchel – Managing Editor

The University of Dayton Campus Concert Committee was disappointed to announce that they will not be holding a spring concert this year due to “financial bumps,” said committee vice president Chrissy Disco.

Disco, a junior graphic design major, said the committee requested $8,000 from the Student Government Association this year but didn’t receive any money.

“We understand that SGA did what they had to do, and we could have gone back and adjusted our request,” Disco said. “We had a lot of past support from the university but as organizations grow, the university decreases their financial support.”

Kristen Iannarino, a senior exercise science major and student advisor for the committee, said they had been planning the event since the beginning of the fall semester. They were in the process of signing a contract with a band, but they weren’t able to close, she said.

“Unfortunately, we just weren’t able to make the negotiations happen,” Iannarino said.

Disco explained the band in question was an up-and-coming country group, but could not reveal the name or budget involved in the contract process. She explained they did have money to host a small concert this year, but wouldn’t have much left over for future events.

Disco said the committee spent $57,000 alone to sign Lupe Fiasco who performed in 2012. She also said the cost of using the arena is around $15,000 for booking.

Iannarino said students don’t often understand or expect the costs involved with hosting a large-scale concert. She said to book Dave Matthews Band for example would cost the committee upwards of $500,000 without production costs.

Disco said their intentions were not to compete with other concert events happening throughout the school year, and hopes the organizations can work together in the future.

“There’s just no need for competition among student groups,” she said. “We might host a concert in the fall, but that’s just an idea at this point. By not hosting an event this year, there will be more money available for future concerts.”

Iannarino said they are disappointed they couldn’t hold an event this year, but said the committee is looking to recruit new members for next year.

The committee president, senior sociology major Joanne Koehler, encouraged UD students to remain positive about future concerts.

“We are sorry to have let you down this year and hope that you will stand with us and support us as we work towards a better avenue in hopes to provide UD with a large scale concert to be remembered for.”

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