FE board welcomes talent, considers new division

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By: Margie Powell – Staff Writer

Flyer Enterprises has big plans for its future after a change in its executive board, including a potential new division.

Flyer Enterprises is a division of student-run businesses across the University of Dayton’s campus, including The Blend, ArtStreet Café and The Galley, according to its website.

“Flyer Enterprises is constantly growing and changing, gaining and losing employees and staff continually,” said Emily Fawcett, a sophomore marketing major and new president of Culinary Divisions in Flyer Enterprises. Fawcett moved from the director of marketing at ArtStreet in Flyer Enterprises.

“The transition is really great but also really stressful. People are moving all at once, switching positions, training, and graduating and its just a lot going on at once. As executives we have to manage all that, and make the transition as seamless as possible, and make sure everyone gets as much knowledge as they can,” Fawcett said.

One of the difficulties is changing hands in the executive team, Fawcett said.

“The biggest challenge is getting everything you want done, done. You don’t even have a year in these positions. You go through all this training and then you have four months, and by the time you get back from Christmas Break, you’re already getting ready for the new executives,” said Daniel Dusina, a junior finance major and chief information officer elect.

Dusina said he was previously president of Dining Services joint ventures.

“Essentially, FE has ranked against student-run businesses at Georgetown, Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, Northwestern, Loyola, and Penn State. Our vision, where we are striving for the company to go is striving to be a leader in experiential education,” said Richard Bogusz, a junior economics major and the chief executive officer elect.

Bogusz served as the former president of culinary divisions.

Flyer Enterprises also sets itself apart from other universities, as is part of their future vision, he said.

“In addition to providing that very tangible real world experience, FE strives substantially to be the biggest aspect of every employees experience here at UD,” Bogusz said. “That focus on culture and that focus on inter-personal development is what sets FE apart.”

“We want to see us become the platform in top-line jobs for our students and we also want to encompass every person’s experience at UD. We want to be able to support and provide more services that make students’ lives easier. Our future is also how to figure out how to provide to each individual student beyond food and beverage services,” said Thomas Leslie, a junior management information systems and marketing major and the new president of business development. His was previously the vice president of IT marketing.

“Right now we have nine divisions I think that what we strive for every year is a new division…so more people can see what it is we do and help them get the best jobs they can once they do graduate,” Dusina said.

The team said they are excited about new talent joining Flyer Enterprises. Fresh perspective on what they could do better and what they need to change is something they plan to embrace with the new freshman coming in, Bogusz said.

“With the excitement that we expressed, we just want to continue the growth that FE prides itself on,” Bogusz said, speaking for the executive board.

For more information about FE, visit flyerenterprises.com.

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