Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Club Welcomes Students Looking to Find Their Place

Members of FASFAC. Photos in this article from Josh Bernstein

Rachel Young
Contributing Writer

This article first ran in print on Feb. 26

Students looking to play games based in fantasy and science fiction with others who share their interests need not look further than UD’s own Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Club, affectionately known as FASFAC.

FASFAC is a special-interest club on campus that brings students of all ages and majors together to enjoy fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons with others who share the same passion for the game.

“We like to provide, first and foremost, a sense of community for people who would be interested in these kinds of games,” said Josh Bernstein, senior and FASFAC president. 

FASFAC club members

Bernstein, who joined the club during his freshman year and was elected president last spring, stressed that anyone is welcome to join.

“You kind of associate the club with typical nerds, but it’s really a wide variety of people,” he said.

Spotlight on Josh Bernstein, FASFAC President

Year: Senior

Major: Communication, concentration in communication management

Favorite thing about UD: Walking around campus and seeing people he knows

Favorite Dayton-area Restaurant: Salar Restaurant and Lounge in the Oregon District

FASFAC is unique in that while all members of the club regularly get together, the club also serves as a starting point for students to form small groups for games.

For students wondering exactly what kinds of games FASFAC plays, the sky’s the limit.

At each meeting, members are invited to share games that they would like to play, and groups form from there.  One of the games that is most popular among members is the fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, as it allows players to create their own worlds. 

FASFAC club member playing jenga

The club also plays a variety of board games, such as Betrayal at the House on the Hill.  Jack Box Party Pack, a collection of games that players play together via their phones and tablets, has become another club staple. Additionally, the club enjoys hosting their own trivia nights.

Although everything the club does is somewhat related to fantasy and science fiction, FASFAC is about more than just playing games for fun.

“We want to be known as a club that is active and does things beyond the meeting time, so we’ve done recent trips to the renaissance festival every fall, and we’re trying to work with campus and our club members to sanction trips to places like arcades,” Bernstein said.

In addition to sponsoring fun events for members, Bernstein believes it is very important for the club to support the university and the community.

“I’d definitely say a secondary goal we have is to give back. For Christmas on Campus we hold the nerf course…in tandem with the Nerf Club that recently formed,” Bernstein said.

Rudy Flyer doing a nerf course set up by FASFAC

Besides doing things that benefit the campus community, FASFAC holds events that benefit the wider Dayton community and beyond.

The club hosts Gaming for a Cause, a weekend long video game tournament that raises money for Child’s Play, multiple times throughout the school year. Child’s Play is a national organization that provides toys and video games to children in hospitals throughout the country.

“I definitely want to see us doing some more charitable events in the future,” Bernstein said.

One exciting event that is approaching quickly is FASFAC’s annual UD Convention (UD Con), which is open to all students. 

The 2020 theme for UD Con is “ERROR 404: CON NOT FOUND,” and it will take place in the Adele Center beginning on Friday, Feb. 28 and running through Sunday, March 1.  Presented in collaboration with similar clubs, the convention will feature a variety of speaker panels and opportunities for attendees to play games.

“Mostly, the panels are just people talking about what interests them.  If we can get some approval from campus and from the speakers themselves, we’ll try to bring on a few guest speakers to talk about things that would be interesting to them or the club,” Bernstein said.

In addition to the panelists and games, there will be a vendor area where attendees can purchase food and crafts or other items that students have made.

Reflecting on his years in FASFAC, Bernstein is grateful for everything he has gained and hopes other students like him will find their place in the club.

“I’ve been very blessed to find a good, tight group of friends to play Dungeons and Dragons with,” he said.  “I really hope more people can find a good friend group to be with on campus and a place that accepts them and does things towards their interests.”

Students interested in being a part of FASFAC are welcome to attend weekly meetings on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. in room 114 of the Science Center.

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