D2D hotels assigned, more students expected to sign up

By: Meredith Whelchel – Managing Editor

With 338 hotel rooms filled, Dayton 2 Dayton executive director Jude Guerra said he hopes more will sign up for the trip in the coming months.

As of Feb. 10, the senior finance and entrepreneur management major said 1,538 students have signed up for the trip which is 12 percent less than last year. With the recent sophomore ban, Guerra said he’s happy with these numbers, as 400 sophomores attended the trip last year.

In the first hotel, the Plaza Ocean Club, 153 rooms will be occupied by UD students. The second hotel, the Mayan Inn, has 108 rooms filled by students and the third hotel, the Ocean Shore hotel, has 82 rooms. Guerra said a fourth hotel, the Dayona Inn, may be secured if the additional 200-300 more students sign up.

In total, UD students will occupy 212 senior rooms and 126 junior rooms, Guerra said.

As the trip date approaches, Guerra said they are working to sign a musical artist. He said he can’t reveal who contracts have been sent to, but that the announcement will come as soon as possible.

Students meeting the trip qualifications can still register for the trip on the website, www.dayton2daytona.com. Look to their Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

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