Column: C2C Sheet Sign Contest highlights community values

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By: Cassidy Colarik – Staff Writer

Ask any student which word best describes the University of Dayton and most will respond with “community.” Community is the shared vision of UD. It is demonstrated on a daily basis: while interacting with students and staff, during class and worship, and through campus activities and events. However, students usually do not receive the chance to explore the meaning of community on a deeper level. The Commitment to Community (C2C) Sheet Sign Contest challenges this notion. It calls individuals to consider why we come together and build relationships. It is one of the most realistic expressions of what the University of Dayton strives for: building a community that can transform us all.

The idea for the C2C Sheet Sign Contest was developed almost 10 years ago when the seven habits of C2C were displayed on sheets and hung on fellow houses (treat yourself with respect; treat others with respect; be honest, truthful and live with integrity; develop your faith life; integrate learning and living; take responsibility for self and community; and practice servant leadership). The sheets were then relocated to be displayed at a different fellow district. The idea was to raise awareness of Catholic and Marianist values. C2C challenges students to think outside of the box to reflect on what living and learning in a community truly means to them.

For the fall C2C Sheet Sign Contest, there were 41 online registrations from houses and apartments in the student neighborhood, of those online registrations 37 sheet signs were submitted. This is an increased interest from last spring, where just three sheet signs were submitted. One reason that may explain this is because it was promoted more than in the past. The contest was advertised during a variety of campus events including: a national hazing prevention cookout, open tabling on the KU central mall and during Greek Council meetings. This fall, the prizes include a formal dinner for the winning house or apartment and tickets and a bus ride to the Miami University versus UD basketball game Dec. 3. Winners will also receive AVIATE points toward their housing for next year which may be another explanation for the amplification in entries.

Participants selected one principle and one habit from the commitment to community brochure that resonated the most with them. Students then designed a sheet sign expression that showed how their chosen principle and habit are a reflection of their house or apartment’s commitment to enhancing the University of Dayton’s community.

“UD students are proud of their community and when given the opportunity to express their pride, they will take it,” Kevin Cane, director of Greek life, said. All sheets were judged Oct. Wednesday-Friday and will be displayed until Friday, Oct. 24.

By including the habits and principles for community living, students are challenged to grow in some aspect of C2C. For example, when we practice the community living habits of respecting one another and being servant leaders, this place is better. Each one of us has the potential to contribute or detract from the community we are trying to build here. If students leave UD knowing that they are responsible for respecting the dignity of all people and striving to build the common good around them, we would have an amazing impact on society. The creativity of the community living habits and principles expressed by students in these sheet signs is reflective of Catholic and Marianist values, which forms the fabric of who we are here at UD.

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