Chaminade Hall To House UD Centers, Study & Event Spaces

Carolyn Kroupa
Contributing Writer

The Chaminade Hall Vision Committee commissioned in May 2018 announced its recommendation for the best use of Chaminade Hall, which is adjacent to the Chapel, St. Mary’s Hall and Kennedy Union and is presently unoccupied.

Their vision is that Chaminade Hall will become the “hub of mission-related, creative and innovation work.” Specifically, the Hanley Sustainability Institute (HSI), the Human Rights Center (HRC) and the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) would all be located in Chaminade Hall. Ideally, there would be room for an additional fourth center. One idea is to include the International Marian Research Institute (IMRI).

Flexible learning and study spaces open 24/7, as well as event spaces that could hold up to 250 people, are included in the vision.

This vision was created based on four recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Build a new Chaminade Hall

Recommendation 2: Link the building’s purpose to the ideas of Blessed Chaminade (encompass values of the Marianist tradition such as learn, lead and serve)

Recommendations 3 and 4: Occupants and uses should align with University values and needs

In regards to recommendation 1, the committee suggests tearing down the existing building because rebuilding ensures the most efficient and high-quality use of space.

Physically connecting Chaminade Hall to Kennedy Union also is being considered for ease of access and in order to mask the Kennedy Union loading dock.

The committee received input from nearly 600 students, faculty and Marianists via online and paper surveys, small-group discussions, one-on-one interviews and open forums, one of which was reported by Flyer News.

The next step is the creation of a task force co-chaired by Rick Krysiak (vice president of Facilities Managements) and Bill Fischer (vice president of Student Development) to figure out the architectural blueprint and determine if all of the ideas are plausible.

Plans for the renovated Chaminade Hall will continue to evolve; the task force is planning to meet with an architect in Fall 2019.

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