Biden campaigns for Clinton in Dayton for last minute push

By: Sean Newhouse – Staff Writer

Being a Political Science major and attending college in a swing state during a tight election year has proven to be a very rewarding decision on my part. This became apparent once again on Monday October 24 when Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Dayton to campaign for the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Vice President Biden spoke at Sinclair Community College’s Automotive Technology Building. The event was attended by a number of UD students, along with other students from the Dayton area, who received VIP seating. Dayton Mayor, and UD alumna, Nan Whaley and Democratic nominee for Ohio’s junior Senate seat, Ted Strickland, gave remarks prior to Biden’s speech.

Biden arrived a tad late because he gave a quick hello to the hundreds of people who weren’t able to hear him talk due to the speaking hall having reached its capacity. The crowd didn’t seem to mind, though, as they gave him an ecstatic ovation when he walked up to the podium.

The Vice President began by praising his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, who teaches at a community college full-time, and by supporting Strickland’s run for Senate. Current voter data shows Rob Portman, Strickland’s Republican opponent, has a sizable lead over the former Ohio governor, which hurts the Democratic Party’s attempt to retake a majority in the Senate.

bidddennFollowing this, Biden discussed Clinton’s economic plans and talked about the times he’s worked with her. He also gave his opinion that the strength of the middle-class has been suffering the past twenty years.

When it came time to talk about Trump, he removed his suit jacket. He said that Trump has repeatedly abused the power he possesses and that the things he’s said about women should “on its face be disqualifying.”

He followed this by honestly telling those there about the hardships in his life from his father losing his job, him losing his first wife, and just recently losing his son.

He met with the crowd after his speech taking selfies (so many selfies), getting a Hillary Clinton for President inspired yamaka, and kissing a grown man on the forehead. You know, the usual responsibilities of the VEEP.

Dayton sophomore Emily Wellman said of the event, “I was very emotional, he is such an idol of mine. I am especially inspired by the work he has done for women.” Freshman John Porcari added on, “He’s so personable that it’s like no other political speech you’ve heard. It feels more like sitting down for a chat with him.”

Biden’s appearance marked one of the last major campaign events in Dayton before this election finally reaches its climax on November 8. Most probably can’t wait until this election is over.

Political ads, and unwanted political opinions, are everywhere: Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat. The election is essentially the only event the news is covering.

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