12 Students Arrested During St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, Four From UD

Roberto De La Rosa-Finch
Online Editor

University of Dayton police arrested 12 students for their actions during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, according to University officials.

Four of the 12 students attend the University and were arrested for a variety of misdemeanor alcohol offenses, according to University officials.

Three UD students are set to be disciplined through the University.

One UD student was transported to the hospital, their status is unknown.

Here is the statement that was issued from officials:

University of Dayton police arrested four students and eight non-students March 15-18 for a variety of misdemeanor alcohol offenses, which includes open container, public intoxication, underage consumption and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. In addition to the students who were arrested, three University of Dayton students also were referred to the University’s student disciplinary process. Nine individuals (4 non-UD students, 1 UD student, 3 unknown status) were transported to the hospital. The University also referred two students from other universities to their respective university’s disciplinary offices.

The University of Dayton Office of Public Safety and Division of Student Development are continuing to review social media and other videos to identify and hold accountable any students or visitors who acted criminally or in violation of the student conduct policy on Saturday.

UD would like to acknowledge and commend students who stayed away, acted responsibly or followed public safety orders Saturday.

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Photo Taken by Christian Cubacub/Director of Digital Media

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