Writer shares picks for upcoming local concerts

By: Allison Kurtz – Staff Writer

Editor’s note: Flyer News seeks to inform UD students of the biggest and best concerts and events in the Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati areas. Here, writer Allison Kurtz shares her top picks for nearby concerts in the coming weeks.

Cage the Elephant

Sharing a home state of Kentucky with this band, my loyalties obviously lie with these guys. Our proximity has also given me a chance to see these studs play, and I know how crazy a Cage the Elephant show can be. Looking at any of their live YouTube videos will convince you to go to this show. If not by the sheer on-stage energy alone, the fact that front man Matt Shultz not only resembles Kurt Cobain, but also performs like him too, is a good enough reason to attend. Their songs are already fantastic, and because of the band’s passion they sound even better when performed live. You can easily tell that the stage is exactly where they all want to be, which is exactly why you’ll want to be there too.


Alt-J, with their mix of laid-back vibes and electronic influences, is going to be an interesting yet incredible concert. With some songs guitar heavy, and others producing a slow sound similar to Fleet Foxes or Band of Horses, the electronic aspects in all of their songs make up their completely one of a kind sound. These England natives are gaining a following around the world, so seeing them while they’re still playing in small venues is a must. They’re playing the same Holiday Show as Cage the Elephant (Future Islands will also be playing) so it will be an intimate night to remember.

Alt-J and Cage the Elephant are playing Dec. 1, 2014 at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the CD102.5 Holiday Show. Tickets can be purchased online.

 Jessica Lea Mayfield

I have yet to attend a Jessica Lea Mayfield show, however it is at the top of my list. This gal has passion like none I’ve never seen. With an extremely different vibe than Cage the Elephant and alt-J, Mayfield has a wide range. Whether she’s performing with just her voice and an acoustic guitar or plugged in with a full band, is a unique experience in itself. The singer/songwriter has a nontraditional voice with hints of Southern twang and gives strong nods to rock and roll when necessary. Her sound has changed considerably over the years and her recent album is her most polished and loudest yet. The combination of all of her different albums will make for a memorable set of songs.

Jessica Lea Mayfield plays Nov. 22 at Rumba Café in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets can be purchased online.


The Lone Bellow & Robert Ellis


The Lone Bellow, composed of one lassie and two lads, sounds like an authentic-old-time-country band (and not just because I referred to them as lassie and lads). Their unique set-up and strong harmonies consisting of all three band members give The Lone Bellow a full, fun Southern sound. They are a band I have heard of on local radio stations and whispered about at small venues for years. Though they’re not your traditional, pop-country band, they’ll surely give you a taste of what actual country music is all about (also they kind of sound like Lady Antebellum).

Opening for The Lone Bellow is Robert Ellis, a Southern master. Based out of Tennessee, his sound is also more country than I usually prefer but his talent is astounding live. I had the pleasure of seeing him open for The Weeks this past summer and while the music of Ellis and The Weeks is quite different, the talent is not. While most of his songs are mellower, it was nonetheless an amazing, talent-filled show. To be able to see both The Lone Bellow and Robert Ellis on the same ticket is money well spent.

The Lone Bellow and Robert Ellis will be playing Tuesday, Dec. 9 at the 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati. Tickets can be purchased online.


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