What to Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

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Mallory Boring 
Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

Things to Do on Your Own

  1. Catch up on sleep

Getting enough sleep at night is difficult, especially for college students who prioritize course work over self-care. Instead of going out this year, you could stay in and rest up for the upcoming week.

2. Watch your favorite show or movie

Another option for you this year is to watch something good. Between live television and the many streaming services, there are plenty of options. Netflix has a lot of new shows and highly anticipated movies coming this month worth checking out. 

3. Buy yourself something

If you ever need an excuse to buy yourself something, Valentine’s Day is it. Whether it’s something you’ve wanted for a while or something you just saw today, don’t feel guilty for splurging on yourself. 

4. Pamper yourself

Self-care is an extremely important yet underrated thing you can do this year. Plus, it can be relatively inexpensive. A sheet mask and a bath bomb are nice alternatives to an expensive spa day, and you don’t have to leave home!

5. Explore the area

Dayton is an amazing area with a lot of cool places to offer. There are always fun things going on both on- and off-campus. Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to get to know the city better and maybe learn to love it a little more.

Things to Do with Others 

  1. Go out to dinner

Dinner dates aren’t only for couples! If there’s a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or a craving you’re dying to fulfill, there’s no better time to treat yourself. Get a group of friends together or go out with family and get some good food. Or, if you want to avoid long waits, you can stay in and cook something new or make an old favorite. 

2. Give back to the community

There is little that feels as good as helping others. Holidays can be especially tough times for those in need. Volunteering at places like nursing homes, homeless shelters or hospitals are a good way to donate time and energy to those in need. If giving time isn’t something you can do, there are always other ways to give to others. Making donations of money, blood or food are just a few things that could make a big difference to those in need this Valentine’s Day.

3. See a movie or a comedy show

Another fun way to spend Valentine’s Day is to go see a movie. There are a lot of good movies already out or coming out soon meaning you’ll have a lot of options. If you’re not feeling a movie, try a comedy show. There are a couple of comedy clubs local to the Dayton area.

4. Get creative

Feel like letting your inner artist out? Get a group of friends together and make something together. There are even businesses in Dayton where you can go and paint or make other art projects.

5. Indulge your sweet tooth

If none of the other options are speaking to you, you can also try baking something sweet. Trying a new recipe with friends could be very fun…and delicious. If you’re not up for baking something yourself there are plenty of ice cream shops and bakeries to visit.

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