UD orchestra to perform at Dayton Art Institute

By: Mallory Roshlowski – Staff Writer

The University of Dayton Orchestra, led by Patrick Reynolds, is gearing up for a local performance in a venue unlike anything most of the members have experienced. On Nov. 2, the orchestra will play at the Dayton Art Institute’s Renaissance Auditorium.

Excited about the upcoming performance, senior violinist Kayla Mueller said, “I have never had the opportunity to perform at the Dayton Art Institute. The auditorium is absolutely beautiful and the acoustics are beautiful as well.”

Mueller and her fellow members of the orchestra visited the Dayton Art Institute together to admire the scene and learn more about the pieces in the museum in preparation for their upcoming performance there.

“The concert is special in that we are playing a variety of music that will correlate with artwork throughout the museum,” Mueller said. “We have never performed a concert that connects to physical artwork.”

Reynolds discussed how the orchestra was working to develop emotional connections, particularly the ideas of “contemplation” and “solitude” in music and art.

“We’ll examine the use of color in music, particularly with regard to a composer’s choices in orchestration, and color in art focusing specifically on Impressionist art and the music of French composer Maurice Ravel,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds also said that the orchestra will be performing “a fugue based on a theme by Lady Gaga” to coincide with their examination of pop culture influences in different elements of the arts.

Reynolds also revealed that Kara Manteufel, assistant principal second violin for the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, will be featured in the UD Orchestra’s performance of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” piece.“Kara is extremely talented, and we are thankful that she helped teach us how to improve our technique throughout our rehearsals,” Mueller said. This opportunity will be a learning experience for all members of the orchestra.

Rachel Sales, a senior violinist, also expressed her excitement for the upcoming performance. “The venue is amazing, our soloist is fantastic and the orchestra sounds great,” she said.

If this guest performance isn’t incentive enough to attend, the concert is free for students with their student IDs.
“I’d encourage UD students to come because this concert will be exciting,” Sales said.
“We are playing some fantastic pieces, and it will definitely be a lot of fun.”

The University of Dayton Orchestra will perform at the Dayton Art Institute’s Renaissance Hall Sunday, Nov. 2, at 2 p.m. Admission is free with a valid student ID.

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