Timothy’s prepares for the return of UD students

Timothy’s Bar and Grill is one of the many Brown Street businesses that awaits the return of UD students. Photo courtesy of Lauren Durham.

Lauren Durham
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students can expect to visit and dine at their favorite Brown Street spots this semester, but it might look and feel a little different. 

Paul Kennell, owner of Timothy’s Bar and Grill and former Flyer, said that the businesses have been working closely with UD Public Safety. 

“They’ve been very active in working with the local business owners, so I’m incredibly appreciative of that,” Kennell said. 

Although the business owners cannot control the spread of COVID-19 on campus, they can control what occurs in their respective restaurants. While all have been following Ohio’s guidelines since the reopening process began in May, each restaurant has implemented its own additional health and safety protocols. 

For the unforeseeable future, that means social distancing and mask wearing is non-negotiable. 

For Timothy’s, the addition of tables and chairs has been a practical way to enforce social distancing. There is now less space for congregating, and each table will only allow for a maximum of ten people per state guidelines. 

While Kennell recognizes that the conditions are less than ideal for socialization, he hopes that the arrangement will lead to positive outcomes. 

“Our hope is that the students will be friendly and allow new friends to sit down with them,” said Kennell. 

Additionally, there will be more entrances and different hours to help regulate traffic in and out of the restaurant. Kennell also plans to introduce more promotional nights that still allow for time with friends — just in a responsible, safe way. 

“We’ll have different nights, different programs — we’ll make it fun,” Kennell said. 

As of July 31, Ohio bars have to stop serving alcohol at 10 p.m. each night in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus in the state. Gov. Mike DeWine requested the rule be put into place, and less than 24 hours later, the Ohio Liquor Control Commission complied. This new variable will impact Tim’s and other establishments on Brown Street. 

In recognition that Timothy’s will not be the same for the foreseeable future, Kennell asks for cooperation and understanding from the UD community. 

“Tim’s will not be what it has traditionally been from a business model, but it will continue to be a meeting place where students can come together, have fun and celebrate,” Kennell said. 

No matter what might transpire in the next few months, Kennell does not anticipate Timothy’s going anywhere. 

“Timothy’s has been around for 50+ years. There’s been challenging times for this business in the past. These are the most challenging times we have right now,” Kennell said.  

“Our hope is that the students and the alumni will continue to support our establishment,” Kennell said. “We’re excited for the new year.”

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