Thursday Night Live: Electric, Acoustic And Grand Piano For Veterans And First Time Performers


Rose Rucoba
Staff Writer

Art Street Café was alive with the music of the night of Feb. 22 with three student artists performing for Thursday Night Live.

Thursday’s show included TNL veterans to artists who learned how to play the guitar just a couple of months ago with performances from Brendan Kinzler, Matt Witzeman and Drew Kluender.

Brendan Kinzler shredding for the crowd.

Kinzler, a junior, performed first and entertained the crowd with some covers on his electric guitar.

His setlist was a tribute to John Mayer and included “Daughters,” “Gravity” and “I’m Gonna Find Another You.”

Matt Witzeman pressing the keys.

Next in line was Witzeman who performed both several original songs and a cover on the piano.

Apart from “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and “Struggling,” an original, his songs “Spectre,” “Streetlight,” “Late,” “Glistening,” and “Tell Me” came from his latest album “Tell Me a Ghost Story.”

A veteran of Thursday Night Live, Witzeman is a grad student at UD and writes and sells his own music. His LP is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

Drew Kluender strumming along.

Following Witzeman was a student artist who, ironically, was performing for his first time at TNL.

Kluender, a freshman, closed the show on his acoustic guitar with an impressive set list of his own original songs on his guitar, including, “Turbulence,” “Release,” “Peach Pumpkin,” “Go” and “Running to the Hills.”

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Thursday Night Live, a weekly event, allows student musicians and artists to showcase their talent for the UD community. It is held every Thursday 8-10 p.m. at the Art Street Café.

If you are interested in performing at Thursday Night Live, click here to sign up.

Photos Courtesy of IACT and Header Taken By Roberto De La Rosa-Finch/Online Editor