The Sauce: Throw Away Your Chinese Takeout Menus And Head To CJ Chan


Cheyenne Ward
Staff Writer

Whether they are littering the halls, conspicuously shoved under our doors, or precariously balanced on our door handles everyone has seen the Chinese takeout menus in the dorms.

Some students may have even been tempted by the little coupons they contain or the convenience that delivery right outside the building gives.

However, there is a better option. It requires a little more work but ultimately tastes better and costs less. About a fifteen-minute walk up Irving will bring you to CJ Chan, a restaurant specializing in Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

While it may not look like much on the outside and is admittedly in need of some exterior design help, the inside of the restaurant is unbelievably cozy. The dark wood, oriental tapestries, and dim lighting make the walk or drive there worth it.

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…the food. The menu at CJ Chan is extensive, featuring traditional Chinese takeout dishes like lo mein and General Tso’s chicken, but also Japanese delicacies like sushi and miso soup.different things each time.

I haven’t been disappointed yet. While dining in I got a spicy salmon roll that simply melts in your mouth. The freshness and quality were top notch, definitely winning out over the VWK option and rivaling FUSIAN.

I have also tried the General Tso’s, the chicken lo mein, the fried rice, egg rolls, crab rangoon–you name it CJ Chan has it and they almost certainly do it better than the menu pushing Chinese restaurants.

Even if you are too busy during these last few hellish weeks of school to dine in, just call ahead and pick up your meal in fifteen minutes or less.

Chinese food is quick, easy, and marginally unhealthy which gives it all of the necessary qualities that study snacks should have.

The next time you get a Chinese craving, whether it be because of an explosion of takeout menus on your floor or exam stress, take the extra time to walk over to CJ Chan, UD’s hidden gem of a Chinese food restaurant.

For more information and a full menu description you can visit the restaurant’s website at If you would rather walk there and see for yourself, the restaurant’s address is 536 Wilmington Ave or you can place your order over the phone at the number 937-259-9866.

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