The Women of 225 Lowes

By: Janine Costello – Porch Correspondent

FN: How did you meet each other?

Amber Bielunksi: We all lived on fourth floor Adele in Stuart Hall freshman year. None of us were roommates though.

Mary Hall: I roomed next-door to Amber.

Jessica Smith: I lived across the hall from Liberty.

AB: Even though we lived in different rooms, we were always together anyways. It’s like we were all roommates.

JS: And the four of us have lived together ever since!


FN: If you had to give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be? 

Liberty Ewald: Amber is Most Likely to Be Always Dancing.

MH: Yes, Amber is also Most Likely to Start a Dance Battle.

AB: That does happen quite often.

LE: Jessica is Most Likely to be Mediating a Fight…the girl is just so calm and peaceful!

AB: If you ever are in a fight with someone, Jessica will solve all of the issues.

MH: But also, Jessica is Most Likely to Save the World when she becomes a doctor.

AB: Mary is Most Likely to Cook for the Whole Neighborhood. Liberty is Most Likely to Rule the World.  She is so put together it’s unreal.


FN: If you were to be visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

ALL: Jessica is a doctor, for sure!

AB: Libby and I will still be roommates and we will have carpooled to the reunion.

JS: You might think she is joking, but she’s definitely not. They will show up together and be attached at the hip.

LE: Honestly, we’d probably be in matching outfits.

AB: Mary in two years is hard to predict… it really could go either way.

MH: We all know I will be the one with kids and a huge family by then.

AB: I was hoping you would admit that so we wouldn’t have to predict that future for you.


FN: Is there any advice you want to give to first-year students?

JS: Be open to new experiences.

AB: That was such a Jessica answer.

JS: But really, I would have never pictured the four of us to be such good friends. None of us have the same major or even interests. Just be open to making new friends and trying new things.

LE: Wash your own dishes.

MH: Be nice to your roommates and go to the lookout point at the cemetery. You will not regret that walk.

AB: I would say, if you can, stay over breaks and just enjoy every second you are on campus because it goes so fast!


FN: If your house were to host Thanksgiving dinner, what would the main dishes be?

ALL: Mac and cheese!

MH: Mac and cheese is the main food group in this house.

LE: Chicken fingers, but obviously only the Kroger brand. Nothing beats them.

JS: We have tried multiple other brands of chicken fingers and none of them can compare to Kroger.

AB: Mozzarella sticks would be a must.

MH: Oh and another main dish, even though we haven’t had this in a while, would be corn casserole.

AB: A lot of chocolate.

LE: A lot of ice cream.

AB: I’m almost ashamed of how basic we are with our food choices.

JL: Wait, but if we were actually hosting a Thanksgiving dinner we would have gone all out.

MH: Oh one hundred percent. We would have a full turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with the table completely set.


FN: If your house were to come with a warning label, what would it say?

AB: Don’t make a mess, we will scold you.

MH: Don’t interrupt Scandal Thursdays, and if you do decide to interrupt, you better not talk.


FN: Is there anything else you guys would like to share about yourself?

AB: Honestly, being a Porch Profile has been an ultimate goal of ours since freshman year so this is crazy to us.

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