The Women of 225 Irving

By: Katy Hoeper – Staff Writer

FN: How did you meet?
Caroline Kill: Mary Kate and I have known each other since first grade.
Mary Kate Mixan: It’s true love.
CK: Claire and I met at Bargo’s Crazy Hour, and then we went back and had chicken bowls at Marycrest.
Rachel Keck: But we all met through our service fraternity, Gamma Epislon Lambda (GEL).
Claire Alexa: Also, freshman year, Mollie and I apparently had every class together, but I didn’t know-
Mollie Griffin: (To FN) Wouldn’t you notice if someone was in every one of your classes?
CA: Anyway, I was walking back from class one day, and I heard someone running up behind me.
MG: Okay it was fast walking.
CA: It was running. And Mollie was like “Hi I think we have every class together,” and we have been friends since.
RK: Claire, Mollie, and I all lived near each other in Marycrest, and Claire’s roommate, Maddy Williams, was never there, so Claire would just be walking up and down the halls popping her head in, being like, “hey guys!” trying to make friends.
CA: I think I was desperate.
MG: If running up to you is desperate, then you roaming the halls is definitely desperate.
CA: Someone wrote on my nametag “Will do anything for friends,” and I still don’t know who did that. People legitimately thought I did it and felt bad for me.

FN: Give everyone in your house a superlative.
CK: Claire is Most Likely to Die from Eating Too Many Chicken Nuggets.
MG: Nugs not Drugs.
RK: Mollie is Most Likely to be the Next Cover Model for Wendy’s.
MG: I love Wendy’s. I could go to Wendy’s every morning and be just so content with life.
MG: Rachel is Most Likely to be Tweeting About Sports. She’s the one who goes up to a person at a party who’s wearing a jersey, and say “that guy sucks.”
CK: She kicked someone out of a party sophomore year because he was wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey.
CA: And now he’s our neighbor.
RK: Mary Kate is Most Likely to Break the Guinness World Record for Most Words Spoken in One Second.
MKM: No, I think I have calmed down in the past three years. Caroline has picked up the slack, however.
CK: What about Most Likely to Eat a Whole Box of Wheat Thins?
MKM: I used to eat too many goldfish, so I decided to get Wheat Thins to be healthier.
CA: I don’t think it’s healthy if you eat the whole box in one sitting…
MG: We love food here.
RK: Food, not alcohol.

FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?
CK: So sophomore year, I went out on the Dark Side, and I had black jeans on and decided to pop, lock, and drop it. I ended up ripping my jeans. And I definitely didn’t leave, even though I should have.
MG: She tied a sweater around her waist or something and continued pop locking and dropping.
MKM: For me, I don’t know if this is embarrassing, but every year I forget to put water in the mac and cheese that I am making, and the whole house fills with smoke.
MG: I can tell you Claire’s embarrassing stories because we literally have every class together always. Once, I told Claire I would buy her Chipotle if she did “Gangnam Style” in front of our bio lab. Also, she rapped her seventh-grade treasurer campaign speech in front of our math class.
CK: Her slogan was “It’s clear, vote for Claire.”
CA: I would hold clear seran wrap up in front of my face. I didn’t win, though.
CK: Yeah it doesn’t make ANY sense…….
MG: OH! Claire is vine famous.
CA: It’s true, someone remixed me.
MG: She tried to do a slip and slide and just slammed down on the ground.
CA: The amount of “ooohs” I heard was unreal.
MG: The worst part, though, was that instead of standing up and trying to walk it off, she sort of scooted herself to the end.
CA: I had to finish what I had started.
RK: Freshman year, we all loved the song “Call Your Girlfriend”
by Robin, and all the girls on our floor would watch the music video and practice the dance. Well, at a formal freshman year, I decided to try it in high heels on a tiled and wet floor, and I face-planted.CK: Like she was down for the count.
CK: A teacher last year asked Mollie if she were a boy or a girl. She was wearing a hat with a sweatshirt hood pulled up over it, sweatpants and Crocs.
MG: Obviously I didn’t talk in class for the rest of the year. But I got a lot of Twitter likes for that one.
CK: You do it for the fans.

FN: If you were to be visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?
CA: I’d still be single
MG: I think we all will be. It happens when you love food more than boys.
CA: True. (To FN) You know when you are out and supposed to be flirting?
CK: Yeah no. We just talk to each other.
MG: Rachel will have some high up job for communications.
CK: She will be a real life person, and I won’t be.
RK: True, Carl and I will be roommates in Chicago, and she will be working at a Staples.
CK: You’re all the worst friends ever.
MG: Claire and I would probably be working at a school together.
RK: Mary Kate will definitely be married and have kids.
MKM: My kids are going to be so fun.
CK: She’ll be trying to name every one of her kids after herself.
MG: (To FN) Seriously, though. She wants to name one of her kids her last name, Mixan.
MKM: I think it’s a cute name.
CK: Claire will be watching Vine and eating chicken nuggets.
CA: That will be 100% true.

FN: Do you have any house traditions?
ALL: Nuggetpalooza
RK: It started last year, with three of our roommates who don’t live with us now.
MG: I’ll tell you all about it. So we used to live on Wyoming. Essentially the farthest you could go away from campus. The Brown Street Pimp lived across the street.
CK: So we all got to pick a different place to get nugs.
MG: We chose Hardee’s, Wendy’s, McDonalds and Burger King. Clearly at the last one, we all got Burger King Crowns. We tried explaining Nuggetpalooza to the cashier at BK, and she literally couldn’t have cared less. But anyway, when we got home, we lined the table with all of the sauces, and put the nugs on the table. We put paper towels down, of course, we’re not savages.
RK: Well, we are. But we still used paper towels.
MG: Then we voted on the best nugs.
CK: Hardy’s was a real surprise. But it didn’t win, because it wasn’t technically a nugget. It’s a tender.
MG: Yeah, hard yes to Hardee’s.

FN: So which one won?
ALL: Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

FN: If you were all Disney characters, who would you be?
MKM: Oh, Peter Pan!
CA: Sleepy
MG: You mean, SleepingBeauy….?
CA: No, just Sleepy. Wait, is there a Hungry…?
RK: Mollie, you would be Aladdin. You just look like him.
MG: Well, he is a slayer.
MKM: Carl would be Mulan.
MG: Because she is disguised as a boy.
CA: Rachel would be Ursula.
MG: Or any character that loves to sing.
CA: Ursula sings Poor Unfortunate Souls, right? I think the Jonas brothers did a remix of it…
MG: Oh man, the Jonas Brothers. What a throwback. They were one of the only concerts that I have ever gone to. Well that, and Kings of Leon.

FN: What advice do you girls want to give the underclassmen?
CK: Have a Kettering Wrap at least once a week.
RK: Get a breakfast pizza from the Empo.
CK: Those exist? What?
RK: Share your meal plan with the upperclassmen.
MG: Specifically 225 Irving.
CA: Fail all your classes to stay here.
MG: Yeah, always be a freshman.
CK: Be a fifth year. High key serious.
CA: If you can, run up to someone after class one day, and they might end up being your best friend.
CK: Make friends with unexpected people.
MG: That was deep, Carl.
CA: Yeah, bye Carl.
CK: Even if the girl has a resting mean face cough Rachel cough.
RK: I can’t help it!

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