The Women of 1528 Brown Street

Photo: Kathryn Dahlhausen, Shante Eisele, Krisi Harvey and Nicole Colarusso don’t want to miss out on any opportunities UD has to offer…especially the free food. Chris Santucci/Multimedia Editor

By: Erin Ottesen – Porch Correspondent

FN: How did you all meet?

Krisi Harvey: Freshman year! Nicole lived in the opposite wing. OK well, we basically met because my roommate moved out without telling me…

Kathryn Dahlhausen: Shante lived with my best friend from high school for three years.

Shante Eisele: We are actually all kind of awkwardly connected.

FN: If you could give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be?

SE: I got Best Hair in high school.

KD: Krisi would be the Most Successful. Krisi I can see you being very successful.

KH: It’s because I don’t take crap from anyone.

Nicole Colarusso: Shante has the Best Smelling Room.

SE: I do have a good smelling room.

NC: I want my house to smell like that.

KH: Nicole has the Best Hair.

SE: It’s so silky! I’m Most Likely to Cure Cancer.

KH: That’s not even in your field…

SE: Fine. Global warming.

KH: You’re Most Likely to Protest about Water. Like a non-violent protest. Like you’d just be in a canoe holding a sign.

NC: Kathryn is Most Likely to be Happy All of the Time. All. The. Time. You don’t get stressed.

KH: Nicole is Most Likely to be on “the Bachelor.”

NC: I’m Most Likely to be Tweeting Until I Die.

KH: Yeah your kids are going to be like, “Mom, stop! No one uses Twitter anymore!”

FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?

KH: In general or just this year? I have plenty.

SE: Oh I have one, it’s kind of gross. I got my wisdom teeth out and when I got back to school, I was still on pain meds. I had to leave class to run to Humanities to throw up so that was a new low.

KH: Mine is when I got sick last March to the point where I was in the hospital…I’m an education major so I think it was from being around children so much but I gave it to Nicole and she had to spend her 21st birthday sick in the hospital.

SE: Krisi and I thought there was a dead animal in our sink but it was just a gross wash cloth someone left there over the summer.

KH: We were screaming and poking it with a stick like, what is this furry thing?!


FN: If you were all back for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

SE: I’d probably still be in school

NC: I’d still probably be crying about lesson plans.

KD: That’s assuming we have jobs…hopefully.

KH: Hopefully I’ll be teaching in my hometown!

SE: We will all probably be animal hoarders by then.

KH: It’ll be like a pet reunion!

NC: My dogs have more friends than I do…

KD: That’s sad.

SE: Hey keep your circle small. Not everyone deserves your energy.


FN: What is your spirit animal and why?

KH: I don’t want to go with my favorite animal because that’s cheating. Plus I don’t want to be one.

SE: Yeah, like I want to say I’d go with a sloth but I don’t necessarily want to be one.

KH: I say a koala because I love to sleep and so do koalas. Plus koalas get kind of b—-y if they don’t sleep. Napping is a sport and I excel.

SE: I’m an owl because owls are very wise. Not to toot my own horn…

KH: What’s your GPA?

SE: Owls are subdued and fierce and I’m either really calm or screaming at someone…usually in my head. I’m just imagining what I would say.

KH: Kathryn would be a dove because…I don’t know…they’re not like gross birds.

KD: (laughing) Thanks!

KH: No like they’re delicate! Like the ones in the Bible. Never mind, I don’t know. You’re not like a squawking bird!

KD: I’m touched…I think.

NC: I want to say unicorn to channel my inner Taylor Swift, but I also want to say a cat.

SE: A unicorn cat?
KH: They sell those unicorn hats for cats at Urban Outfitters.

FN: Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

SE: My biggest piece of advice is to realize the things you do here do matter, but that one test won’t ruin your life. I used to get so stressed if I got a grade I wasn’t happy with but don’t get upset or stressed because it really won’t matter. C’s still get degrees!

NC: Retweet!

KD: Take advantage of everything at UD.

KH: Like the free food?

KD: Like everything! But really, I always heard of people doing cool stuff through UD so just take advantage of everything.

NC: Like Career Services!

KH: Oh my gosh see Lisa Warren from Career Services! Put that in there – see Lisa Warren! If you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, she is who you see.

NC: I have two things. On St. Patrick’s Day, go out at 4 a.m. Also, you’ll always find your niche here even if you don’t think you will. You will eventually find a group or click with your roommates. The friends I have senior year I wish I had freshman or sophomore year…everything gets better in the end.

KH: Education majors – don’t wear tight pants. Just don’t. It’s a big deal. I never did, but I heard people get yelled at for it.

FN: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

KD: Befriend your neighbors if they have washing machines!

KH: Don’t join something just because your friend likes it, and don’t let your friends limit you. Also, let your friends have other friends and don’t let a boy determine your success. Don’t rely on a significant other either…because then no one will want to be your friend and you’re probably boring.

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