The Sauce: Bowl Or Roll? What To Order The Next Time You Go To FUSIAN


Cheyenne Ward
Staff Writer

Sushi is a staple in the college student diet; it offers us the opportunity to look like we are trying something new and different, but really, we just wrap all of our usual proteins and veggies in rice. Brown Street’s FUSIAN offers quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing sushi options that never disappoint.

Recently, the restaurant expanded their menu to include essentially deconstructed sushi rolls called sushi bowls, and I simply had to see if they lived up to the quality of a traditional roll.

I had the option to build my own bowl or choose from four different recommended options. In the interest of fairness and a true comparison, I opted for the build-your-own and simply got all of my usual ingredients with a couple of exciting additions.

The addition of the bowls prompted FUSIAN to undergo minor rebranding which consisted of updating their signs and menus. More importantly, with their new look came new protein and veggie options like mushrooms, pineapple and beets.

In my bowl, I tried the new beets along with pickled apples, jalapeño, avocado, cucumber and kale topped with sweet soy, spicy mayo, and tempura crunch on a bed of white rice.

The bowls were created to, “allow [FUSIAN] to accommodate an array of dietary preferences and introduce new flavor profiles and portion sizes to our existing offering of 10-piece maki rolls,” according to FUSIAN.

While I agree that the new option allows sushi lovers to throw all of their favorite sushi flavors together into one relatively large bowl, there are some fundamental issues with the concoctions.

The bowls are slightly more expensive than the traditional roll. When one adds in the beloved sides and drinks, a meal for two can cost upwards of $30!

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Aside from the price — that most of us would hesitate to pay — the bowls are extremely difficult to eat. The awkwardly sized chunks of vegetables and sticky quality of the rice that works perfectly in a sushi roll, can make getting the perfect bite of your bowl seemingly impossible.

Based on my experiences with FUSIAN’s newest food invention, I would advise students to order with caution. The bowls are absolutely not a stand-in for your favorite roll. So if you’re having sushi cravings, stick with the traditional option.

Photos Courtesy of Cheyenne Ward/Staff Writer