The New Business On Campus: Wear Your Creativity

Chey Ward
A&E Section Editor

People are constantly marketing themselves with their clothing. What one wears is the first thing that others see and it gives insight to one’s personality. Students at the university are no exception to this idea–sports teams, fraternities, and clubs all wear apparel featuring their team name or letters in order to tell others what they are a part of and what is important to them.

Fresh Prints is a new business on campus that offers students the opportunity to customize their clothing. Kaylee Zeller, a Junior Marketing Major is bringing the business to campus with hopes that it will bring UD’s community even closer together.

This relatively new business offers more than online customizable clothing retailers. Unlike these websites, Zeller is able to act as the client’s advocate and ensure that students get what they want, when they want, for the price they want. She meets and builds relationships with customers, while also using her knowledge of trends on campus to help them find exactly what they want.

The business was started and is currently run by young people. “Because the company is so young-minded, there are always a lot of really creative ideas circulating,” Zeller commented. She has access to what others are creating at schools around the country, and often uses those to give UD students better recommendations on what designs are popular right now.

Fresh Prints really wanted a presence on UD’s campus. They sought out Zeller to run the business because of her professional achievements and ability to connect with others. UD has the large Greek presence and so many clubs that Fresh Prints could help to get more creative with their clothing. Zeller added, “there are flags and sheet signs all over the place, we’re a very visual campus.”

This school has the potential to benefit from a business like Fresh Prints, but Zeller is prepared to put in the work necessary to make the business thrive on campus. She stated she is, “all about the challenge and working hard, and is already starting to see results and positive responses from the clients she has worked with.”

Since coming back to school, Zeller has already connected with students to curate new, fun, and creative designs. Fresh Prints gives one the option to be as involved with the designs as one wishes–Flyers can simply come up with a theme that they want or sketch out an entire design. No matter which option a person chooses, Zeller and the rest of the Fresh Prints team ensure that their customers get exactly what they want.

Zeller explained that professional designers will create the designs and send them to the client for review. “Fresh Prints customers get unlimited ‘proofs’ or drafts of the product so there is no doubt you’ll get the perfect shirt,” she stated.

Ultimately, this business should give student groups more options as they choose what they would like to wear. Whether it be a group of friends wanting matching shirts for a fun night out or a Sorority needing apparel for some of their biggest organized events, Fresh Prints has what students need.

An added perk to shopping with this company is supporting a fellow Flyer as she takes her first steps into the world of business. Zeller looks forward to growing this business’s presence on campus and is “really excited to see people walking around campus in designs that I helped make happen.”

The best ways to learn more about Fresh Prints are to visit their website, or to contact Kaylee Zeller by phone at 513.439.3692 or by email at

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