THE MEN OF61&63 Chambers

Issue 20-Huang-_MG_9363WBrothers, left to right, Davis Arnold, Jeffrey Sallemme, Mikey Collins, Daniel Bolton, Dillon Murphey, Mikey Collins, Joe Bracken, and Colin Johnson. Sunday, Feb. 23, at 61/63 Chambers. YINGXI HUANG/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

By: KAYLA MUELLER – Staff Writer

As I met the eight gentlemen of 61/63 Chambers they explained that their house has been named “Teh Barn” because apparently many years ago somebody spelled it wrong when they were nailing the letters on the house. The name stuck and eight junior University of Dayton students are happy to call this establishment home for the year. Hopefully you now understand that I am aware that the word “the” is spelled t-h-e.

FN: What is your favorite place in the house?
Daniel Bolton: The bathroom.
Jeffrey Salemme: Can’t say living room…that’s what they want us to think.
Davis Arnold: The secret trapdoor room.
Colin Johnson: The basement.
Dillon Murphy: Joe’s bed.
Joe Bracken: Any room that nobody else is in.
Austin Russell: This blue couch. I never leave it.

FN: If the barn were actually a barn, which animals would you be?
DA: Manatee.
MC: We could all be the dogs from snow dogs and pull a sled together…or a cow because I like milk.
DM: Seahorse.
CJ: Tuxedo penguin.
JB: Lonely pigeon.
MC: “Air Bud.”
AR: Sloth…specifically Sid, from “Ice Age.”
JS: Lemur.
DB: Liger, because they never stop growing. They grow too big until they die.

FN: What is the theme song for your house?
DM: “Everything is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie.”
JB: I prefer silence.
AR: “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars.
All: [start singing “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel in a capella… seriously almost half of the song]

FN: What is your guilty pleasure?
DA: Tucking in all of my roommates and kissing them goodnight.
DM: Cuddling with Davis.
CJ: Taking stray animals and making them pets.
JB: Hanging out with Dale.
MC: I don’t really have one…I am never happy.
AR: When Colin watches me sleep.
JS: Tater tots!!!!
DB: Getting tucked in by Davis.

FN: If you could use one word to describe “Teh Barn” what would it be?
DA: Ha ha.
DM: Clean.
CJ: Spotless.
JB: Dirty.
MC: Neat.
AR: Sleep.
JS: Tidy.
DB: Green.

FN: If you were an athlete in the Sochi Olympics, what sport would you play?
DA: Speed skating, because I will take any excuse to wear tights.
DM: Women’s ice dancer.
JB: I would be on a two-man bobsled team with my best friend Dale.
MC: Colin and I will be figure skating “Blades of Glory” style.
AR: The luge, so I can sleep on my way down.
JS: Men’s curling.
DB: Long distance ski jumping. I like to get up.

FN: What food do you make the most while at school?
DA: Broatmeal: Oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter, cinnamon and an assortment of cereals…if you leave it for about five minutes it turns into a rock.
DM: Anything that Joe just bought.
JB: Carrot.
MC: Homemade brownies.
AR: Half of a sandwich.
CJ: The other half of Austin’s sandwich.
JS: Tater tots!
DB: Cereal.

FN: Each roommate was given a superlative from the other roommates.
DA: Most likely to ask a fellow roommate to kiss him…or most likely to go through airport security without a shirt.
DM: Most likely to fall back into childhood obesity.
CJ: Most similar to Justin Timberlake.
All: No, he’s not….
JB: Social butterfly.
MC: Most likely to become a Rabbi.
AR: Most punctual.
JS: Most likely to take over the tater tot empire.
DB: Most likely to get deported.

FN: If you were a Disney character who would you be?
DA: Tigger. Actually, Aladdin’s magic carpet.
DM: Wreck-it-Ralph or Baloo from “The Jungle Book.”
CJ: Crush from “Finding Nemo.”
JB: Buzz Lightyear… wait no, I want to be Shrek because my friend Dale will be Donkey.
MC: Rafiki.
AR: Sheen from “Jimmy Neutron.”
JS: Mike Wazowski.
DB: Dean Portman from “The Mighty Ducks.”

FN: What is your favorite part about UD?
DA: The Tim’s bouncers.
DM: When they turn the MAC gym into a petting zoo.
CJ: The hot VWK lady.
JB: Hanging out with Dale and slim.
MC: The week after syllabus week when my textbooks arrive.
AR: The rock climbing wall at the Rec.
JS: “Wear your pajamas to class” day.
DB: The pretty girls.

FN: Any advice for your fellow Flyers?
DA: Don’t feed the animals.
DM: Early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.
CJ: Raccoons aren’t good pets.
JB: Meet a buddy like Dale.
MC: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
AR: Leave 15 minutes early for class.
JS: Don’t miss out on the petting zoo…and preheat the tots to 425 degrees, then pump that up to 455 degrees.
DB: Go green.

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