The Dead Licks Take the Win at Battle of the Bands

By: Peter Borden – Sophomore, Undecided Business

This year’s Battle of the Bands took place on Friday Nov. 11 in the McGinnis Center, where six student bands competed to win and showcase their talents. It was a night fueled by loud music and impressive talent, with an enthusiastic crowd. The six bands that competed were Duke Elliott, The Daytimers, Toaster Bath, Research and Development, Sock Cymbals, and The Dead Licks.

Each very talented band brought with them different sounds and styles. Research and Development, for instance, had metal influences from the guitarist, gospel singing from the vocalist, and featured a band member playing the viola. Another band with a unique sound and style was Toaster Bath, which had a harder rock vibe but also featured a keyboard, which definitely created an interesting sound.

Each year the Campus Concert Committee (CCC) organizes Battle of the Bands as a fundraiser with all proceeds going toward its spring concert. This year CCC is trying to bring in small local bands as well as professional bands to a festival that will take place in the spring. In past years they have featured artists such as Lupe Fiasco.    

The winner of this year’s Battle of the Bands was The Dead Licks, judged via Twitter and a judge’s panel. The judge’s panel conducted its voting based on things such as overall sound, stage presence, and audience interaction.

The Dead Licks current group formed very recently, in September, when band members met through a mutual friend. They are already finding their own unique sound, with a definite Pearl Jam influence. The Dead Licks lead singer is a dead ringer for Eddie Vedder, with the open flannel, jeans and long hair. Congratulations to The Dead Licks.

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