Taylor Swift’s pop transition successful, writer says

By: Bridget Jack – Staff Writer

No more curly-haired innocent blonde from Tennessee. No more country tunes with banjo-inspired bridges in a sassy Southern twang. Taylor Swift has officially made the leap from a country princess to pop diva and it is delicious and glorious and everything that is right with the world.

Fans of all ages are rejoicing in the release of Swift’s new album “1989,” titled in reference to the year she was born. A drastic change from her previous four albums, “1989” solely belongs to the pop genre and shows just how far Swift has come since her humble beginnings. While some fans may mourn the loss of old, traditional Swift songs such as “Picture to Burn” and “Tim McGraw” (and rightfully so because those were some fantastic songs), we understand that Swift has grown up. She’s no longer that naive girl we all fell in love with and this album couldn’t be a better example.

Here is a review of each song on her new album. The list reflects the order on the CD and not in order of preference, which is an entirely different story for another day. I, of course, had to listen to the deluxe version of the album, courtesy of my roommate, which is only available at Target (sneaky Swift trying to get more money out of me, you win again!)


  1. “Welcome to New York”

The first of two songs on this album that is not about an ex-lover (aka not about Harry Styles). When listening to this song I am suddenly transported back to an ’80s dance club. No wonder her album is titled “1989.”

  1. “Blank Space”

According to Buzzfeed (the holy grail of procrastination), this is the best song on Swift’s new album. I personally feel like she stole it from Lorde’s next record. Same chords, same voice, same disdain for society.

  1. “Style”

If there was one song that represented the theme of “1989,” it would be this one. Extremely catchy, with its typical ’70s and ’80s chord progression, I can’t help but nod my head to the beat while pining over Harry Styles.

  1. “Out Of The Woods”

Despite initial skepticism, this song has been growing on me lately. It’s one the most repetitive songs you will ever hear, but you can’t help but get it stuck in your head… for days.

  1. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

A song basically blaming the boy for everything that went wrong in the relationship. Who wouldn’t love this? Preach, Taylor.

  1. “Shake It Off”

This song is amazing. Much like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” this was the perfect single to preview her new album. It’s a triple threat: danceable, laughable and singable.

  1. “I Wish You Would”

I feel like this song would’ve been popular in the height of ’80s prom season. And I would have been in the middle of the dance floor.

  1. “Bad Blood

The second not-about-a-boy song. Supposedly this song is about a beef with another pop diva, Katy Perry. I guess it’s safe to say there is no duet in the works.

  1. “Wildest Dreams

Another Lorde-inspired song. The jury is still out on this one but initially I’m just not feeling it from Swift. It’s more of a fit for the sultry Lana Del Rey.

  1. “How You Get The Girl”

As you can infer from the title, this details the story of how a boy messed up the relationship (shocker), Swift took him back after his romantic apology (double shocker), and then the boy dumps Swift again (triple shocker).

  1. “This Love”

A very underwhelming song. Not great, not bad. It’s just there.

  1. “I Know Places

Surprisingly I really enjoy this song. It describes the experience of trying to have a very private relationship in a very public industry. Eventually, Hollywood ruined yet another romance.

  1. “Clean”

This seems like another version of Swift’s older song “Begin Again” from her album “Red.” Out of a bad relationship enters New Taylor with a new album.

  1. “Wonderland”

Listeners can’t miss the allusions to “Alice in Wonderland” in this one. She speaks through most of this song but it’s still a nice and whimsical addition to the album.

  1. “You Are In Love”

Probably the most romantic song on this album. It attempts to relay the idea that true love is inexpressible and immeasurable. All the girls swoon when hearing this. I know I do.

  1. “New Romantics”

This is the most un-Swift-like song hands down. And I love it. Very Passion Pit or Smallpools of her.


Some interesting “1989” statistics:

Number of times Swift mentions red lips: 3.

Number of songs about Harry Styles: 14.

Number of times I have listened to this album on repeat: definitely 1,000.

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